11 Most Famous Bank Robberies & The 11 Stupidest Bank Robbers

11 Most Famous Bank Robberies The 11 Stupidest Bank Robbers

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has said that most modern day bank robberies are “unsophisticated and unprofessional crimes.” Most of them are committed by repeat offenders who are usually young dumb males. They may be onto something.

Here are some of the stupidest bank robbery attempts in recent history.

1. After a bank robber handed a teller a note the teller gave it back to him because it was illegible. The teller told the bank robber that it needed to be rewritten.

As the robber was rewriting the note the teller activated a silent alarm. After the police arrived and arrested him the robber was sentenced to write “I will not rob banks” on a large blackboard one thousand times.

2. One California Bank robber attempted to hold up a bank in Anaheim that had gone out of business.

3. Another Californian robbed a bank close to his home. While making his getaway he ran into his mom, who turned him in.

4. In Pittsburgh a bank robber wrote a demand note on the back of a subpoena that had been issued in his name.

5. In East Hartford, Connecticut a bank robber gave the teller a demand note written on the back of his withdrawal slip. The withdrawal slip had both the robber’s account number along with his signature.

6. In Detroit a bank robber gave the teller a note written on the back of an envelope that had his name and address on it.

7. A teller in a bank in Panorama City, California was handed a demand note that said, “I have a gun. Give me all your twenties in this envelope.”

The teller told the robber, “All I’ve got is two twenties.”

The robber took the $40 and left.

11 Most Famous Bank Robberies The 11 Stupidest Bank Robbers8. A man broke into a bank when it was closed in order to steal their video camera. While he was stealing it his image was recorded at a remote location.

9. After waiting on line at the Community First Bank in Fargo, North Dakota a man wrote out a demand note and handed it to the teller. The teller gave him the money and he ran out the door.

The man wrote the note on his personal bank deposit form. The police went to the man’s home in Grand Forks, North Dakota and arrested him.

10. In Rouen, France a man jumped into a car and shouted, “Get away quick, before the cops come.”

He mistakenly had jumped into the back of a police car.

11. A bank robber in Illinois kidnapped a motorist by pretending to have a gun. He had the person drive him to two different ATMs where the kidnapper deposited  money into his own bank accounts.


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