4 Simple Fashion Tips to Get The Ladies

4 Simple Fashion Tips to Get The Ladies

Let’s be real.  If not for women, 99% of dudes would live in sweatpants and old t-shirts.  Whether we admit it or not, we mostly care about fashion (if we do at all) so that we can be more attractive.


So we might as well be honest with ourselves and optimize.  Here are 4 killer tips that guys of all shapes and sizes can use to immediately increase their chances with the women in their life.

#1 Be Different


I know this goes against the grain.  So many fashion tips are to wear what is “in.”  To be one of the masses.  That is how you get images like this:

 how to stand out

 But think about it.  Why would any girl be interested in getting to know a guy whose primary broadcast to the world is “Hey, I’m just like everybody else!”  


Standing out can be uncomfortable.  But it is also the BEST way to get the right kind of attention from women.


I know it sounds crazy – but that’s the point.  When you’re willing to stand out, you’ll draw more eyes.  And sure, some frat bro might whisper to his friends about how lame your outfit is.  But whose opinion do you care about: his or the girl who can’t help but wonder who you are?


So wear a blazer to a dive bar.  Under dress for a fancy hotel rooftop.  As long as you don’t apologize for being different, you’ll instantly have a leg up on every other guy there.


4 Simple Fashion Tips to  Get The Ladies.#2 Shop For Fit

Too many men are wearing clothes a size too big.  They wear shirts that hang a bit more like smocks.  Bigger is not better in this case, gents. Find a size that is TOO SMALL and then move up one.

If you’ve got a shape that doesn’t fit most department stores, it is worth it to shop around for one that suits you.  Everyone has slightly different cuts and it is amazing how much nicer one plain white T-shirt can look compared to one that doesn’t fit.  Express is especially good for lankier guys or guys with a more athletic V shape.


Pro tip: if you’re ever travelling in Asia, stop by any tailor and have them redo your wardrobe.  You can get custom made clothing for a fraction of what of the shelf stuff costs in the States.


4 Simple Fashion Tips to  Get The Ladies#3 Accessorize:


Google Image “Fashionable Men.”  Seriously, go do it.  


What do you see?


Jackets, ties, tie clips, handkerchiefs, watches, sunglasses, facial hair, edgy haircuts, vests, scarves, armbands, necklaces, boots…


The point is, you don’t see JUST t-shirts and jeans (which is what most of us want to wear).  Why not?  Because it doesn’t matter how cool your t-shirt and jeans are.  It doesn’t matter if they are some insanely pricey brand.  If you aren’t going the extra mile, you’re not fashionable.  


The secret sauce is often in the accessories.  It’s incredible what a few additions can do for most outfits.  Add a tie and a vest to your button down and now you’re James Bond.  Add an armband and some cool facial scruff (and maybe some muscles) to your t-shirt and jeans and you’ve got the edgy look.


Wondering what accessories to use?  Look no further than Rule #4


4 Simple Fashion Tips to Get The Ladies#4 Find Your Fashion Yoda


We all have different looks.  Tall, short, skinny, muscular, scruffy, there is no one article of clothing that is going to suit every man.


What to do?


Find Yoda.


Think of a celebrity that has your type of style and is well known for their fashion sense.  Said celebrity will probably also have a reputation for being good with the ladies.  


Take, for example, any of these guys: Brad Pitt, Chris Hemsworth, Johnny Depp, Usher, Russell Brand, Jared Leto, David Beckham, Ne-yo.


Okay, now pick one that has a body type and hair similar to your own.  Doesn’t have to be the same cut, but similar length and curliness helps.

Then find a Google Image picture where they look particularly dashing (just for research!).  And copy like crazy.


Now obviously a lot of these celebrities are extremely good looking.  No doubt.  But that doesn’t account for ALL of their sex-symboldom.  There are plenty of male models that are just as ripped and just as handsome.  What separates the guys I listed is the way they carry themselves and the persona their style represents.

Experiment with what has worked for them.  You won’t magically become famous, but you’ll start to see that you’re broadcasting the same persona as they are.  And you’ll pique girls’ attention.  It’s pretty awesome when girls start telling you that you look like Johnny Depp just because you’ve got long hair, facial hair, and a cool hat.

Remember, the majority of fashion advice is to get you to blend in.  That might be helpful for a job interview, but when you’re looking to meet girls, any way you can positively stand out is a huge advantage.  If you’re stretching your fashion comfort zone with some of this advice, that’s a good thing.  The results you will immediately see will be well worth it 🙂

Kickass AcademyCharlie Houpert is a coach at Kickass Academy.He teaches men to create their dream lives by practicing courage and learning charisma.



4 Simple Fashion Tips to Get The Ladies



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