5 Reasons Why You Should Grow A Moustache!

5 Reasons Why You Should Grow A Moustache

5 Reasons Why You Should Grow A Moustache

There are many unspoken reasons for growing a moustache, for one it’s fun and stylish, but did you ever stop and think about all the reasons why you should grow a moustache? We look at the scientific, psychological, and health benefits of growing facial fur here in our newest article from How To Grow A Moustache, and try to make sense out of this strange and wondrous proclivity we have Grown to love.

You will Learn how to win the girl and get the job, repel bugs and Laugh in the face of frost bite, while at the same time kicking skin cancer in the shins…for real! As if you needed any more reasons to legitimize that rascally flavor saver you wear so well. We hope you find these little known facts food for fur.


1. Increase your sex appeal

In nature, certain prominent masculine features are what attract the opposite sex. Let’s look at the Molly Fish for one example;  a team led by a University of Oklahoma professor, studying Mexican molly fish, discovered that females evaluate potential mates on sight, based on the prominence of the moustache-like growths on males’ upper lips. Now if we could only get women to admit that the ol’ cookie duster is what is really reeling  them in.  


2. Prevent Wrinkles and Skin Cancer5 Reasons Why You Should Grow A Moustache

A moustache is natures natural UV Light shield. That’s right, recent studies published in the journal, Radiation Protection Dosimetry, have shown that beards and moustaches actually block UV Light exposure keeping wrinkles and sun damage at bay. Protect that tender upper lip today and hit the beach, just remember a tube of sunblock for the rest of your body!  


3. Insects Fear Fur

Maintaining a beard or moustache seems to keep biting insects away. Another recent field test (literally done in a watery bog of a field) showed men with facial hair were less likely to be bitten, whereas gents with a clean shave were “what’s for dinner”. With all the diseases that are spread by these little pests it’s clear that keeping some fuzz as a preventative measure is better (and cheaper) than a visit to the doctor . So Grow west young man!


5 Reasons Why You Should Grow A Moustache

4. Save Money On Lip Balm & Ward Off Frost Bite

Beards and moustaches keep your face warmer in the winter months and aid in the prevention of wind burn and chapped lips.  Also, it’s cheaper than a tube of lip balm. But if you do still wish to go the lip balm route I recommend using an organic, petrochemical free moustache wax that can double as a lip guard when you find yourself without your trusty chapstick. Your well waxed whiskers can serve as emergency lip balm. Twist your handle bars to warm the wax then dig into them with your thumbnail to scrape off excess wax. Then rub between your forefinger and thumb to soften. Apply to your lips and it’s back to the slopes!  


5. Stand Out From The Competition & Get The Gig5 Reasons Why You Should Grow A Moustache

  A stylish stache or beard will make you standout in a crowd for sure. Sticking out can be a good thing in a world gone bland. I have one friend who recently went for a job interview at a company he had been coveting for about a year. He had already done two previous interviews, but yielded no results. This past November he was again in for an interview at the same company. However this time he was sporting a handsome handlebar moustache for Movember. He was warned by his friends and family that he should shave and look clean cut in order to land the job, but he was thinking the exact opposite. He had a theory that the facial hair would make such a visual impact that he would stick in the mind of the manager doing the hiring. Not only did he get offered the job, but also a compliment on his well kept moustache which the CEO pointed out was a reflection of his attention for detail and social awareness.  As it turns out the boss man was also participating in Movember with a whispy little zinger of his own. Win!  

I hope you find this list inspiring, and put some of these theories and thoughts to the test. If you have any of your own that you would like to tack on the list please do so in the comment box below and I will include them in an updated version of this article to be published in May, 2013. Cheers!

Written by Douglas Smythe



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  1. Thanks for the great article. I can’t believe I never even thought about how a moustache can block UV rays. Also, keeping bugs away seems like a pretty good reason to start growing a moustache.

  2. I’m a firm believer that any kind of facial hair is going to increase your sex appeal. It makes you look manlier, which the ladies just can’t resist. All the other reasons are secondary behind that.

  3. I learned something new from this article. Having a moustache to keep bugs away is something I haven’t heard of before. I don’t get very many bites because I always use bug spray but I’ll have to try going without the spray and see what happens.

  4. These are all some great reasons to grow a moustache. I have one just because I think it looks good. All of the other reasons are just a nice benefit behind looking cool.

  5. Great article with some awesome reasons for having a moustache. I especially liked the little story about your friend who landed a job because he had a moustache. Someone with facial hair would definitely be more memorable over a bunch of clean-shaven people.

  6. Everyone knows that women love a guy with a moustache. It’s irresistible to them. This list is correct with putting sex appeal as the number one reason. Those other reasons are pretty good to. Nice job.

  7. I have to say that I am attracted to men with mustaches so maybe there is some truth to this theory. I like when my husband has a goatee for some reason it looks rather sexy to me.

  8. I went job hunting recently and the one person who stood out the most to me was this guy with a mustache. I had a mustache too at the time but his was well kept and maintained. I must say that I was a bit jealous. I don't know if he got the job or not but it did make me notice him.

  9. I think the sex appeal on a mustache won as far as this article and comments go. I have to agree that there is something about a mustache that makes me want to get to know the individual. It has to be a well groomed mustache though. It can be rough or out of sorts.

  10. Ha! now I have plenty of reasons to tell my girlfriend for not wanting to shave my facial hair.

  11. In October 2009, AMI and Quicken commissioned a study entitled “Saving And Spending Patterns of Mustached Americans”. The research study examined a random sample of 2,000 Mustached Americans, along with 2,000 bearded and 2,000 clean-shaven Americans and found that Mustached Americans earned 8.2 percent more on average than those with beards and 4.3 percent more than the clean-shaven.

  12. Love this article! Really fun Read and somewhat educational. Good advice about standing out at a job interview.

  13. I happen to have a few to add to your list Mr Smythe! I will send you an email. BTW love the article!

  14. GREAT ARTICLE, GREAT APP, GREAT EBOOK, GREAT BLOG! where have you been all my life?


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