9 Haircuts Women Love

9 Haircuts Women Love

Your hair style says as much about you as your wardrobe. The look should send a clear message about your personality with a lasting impression that women will find irresistible.

Regardless of where you are now with your look, we would like to share 9 new men’s hair styles that women really love. Fear not, yet again we’ve done the homework for you…

9 Haircuts Women LoveCasual and Sophisticated

  • This casual style featuring a clipper cut around the sides and back is perfect for Zac Efron … this style is an A List winner for both younger and older men. If you want to try a bit of punk as a temporary diversion for the club scene, all you need is a small amount of a medium hold gel and some creative spikes. Temporary highlights that wash out are another interesting option.



  • 9 Haircuts Women Love.pngSimon Baker sports another cool haircut that’s a popular look women love. Keep in mind that only certain types of natural hair texture such as wavy, or curly work for this look so if you have fine, straight hair, this style is not for you. Use conditioner since your hair will be on the long side. To style, use a gel or cream that defines curls. Apply a small amount, then slightly twist a few strands into curls along your forehead.

  • 9 Haircuts Women Love.pngJake Gyllenhaal’s straight, no fuss style is great for business. Hair that’s fine or thick in texture will work and a light-hold styling gel will give you some control.

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Bad Boy and Slightly Wild

  • Calling all creative, artistic types who like Robert Pattinson’s just rolled out of bed look. All you need is thick, wavy, or curly hair. Try styling gel to create a sexy, casual look. If you can find it, a European styling product called PurHair Wavy Fairytales is perfect for this style. It’s also a product you can share with your GF.
  • 9 Haircuts Women Love.pngHandsome Irish lads can charm a lady with a wee bit of a smile and especially when they’re sporting this original “do” by Peter Mark. Kudos to Peter for this awesome short cut! The back is skimmed along with the lower sides just over the ears. A drop above the skimming, Peter has used layered clips with the heaviest bulk of hair on the top that combed from the crown toward the face with a sharp surfed ridge riding upward.

9 Haircuts Women Love.pngThe Tailored Schoolboy Look

  • This schoolboy look comes straight from the catwalks with structured smooth lines created from a side section that’s used to cover most of the forehead and reside halfway over the ears. Then we have the beauty of thin slices of gold combined with subtle warm brown color throughout the hairstyle.

9 Haircuts Women Love.pngThe Strong Silent Type

  • As seen on John Cho. A slightly long hair style that’s easy to care for. You’ll need straight hair that naturally parts to the side. If that’s not the case, create a part and use a light-hold get to keep it in place.

is_02-adam-white2 0041Definitely Hard to Resist

  • Adam Brody’s hair simply works! For this awesome look, you’ll need curly or wavy hair and reliable medium holding get to keep this look in place. Use a small amount of gel, but skip the hair dryer…let it air dry naturally.

women love this look



Artists, Bohemian Look?

  • We think you’ll agree that Matthew McConaughey does not appear to be the type of guy to frequent a hair salon for a weekly trim and frankly, who cares. He looks fantastic. If you have straight hair, this look is not for you. Only wavy or curly haired guys need apply. This look is not necessarily low maintenance because you will need a regular schedule of conditioning and frequent shampoos and curling cream to achieve the total effect.


Anne Thomas writes freelance about style, fashion, beauty and celebrities. Her knowledge of beauty and hair comes from years spent at The Process Institute of Cosmetology in Atlanta, GA.

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