4 Adrenaline Filled Activities That You Can Take Your Lady On

Adrenaline Filled Activities That You Can Take Your Lady On

Adrenaline Filled Activities That You Can Take Your Lady to Even though it may be true that some of the extreme sports are dominated by men, it wouldn’t be fair to say that women don’t find them interesting as well. Take me for example, I’ve been on numerous trips with my husband, and there was never an activity that he took part in that I was too scared or uninterested to join him. Quite the opposite, there were some things that he would never have done if it weren’t for me to make him. I decided to show all you male readers that women can be just as fearless as men, and to give our female readers with a hunger for adventure some ideas on what they could do.

Adrenaline Filled Activities That  You Can  Take Your  Lady onBungee Jumping

We did this a couple of times, and I still can’t seem to get enough of it. The most interesting part about this was that I am actually slightly afraid of the heights. However, this only intensified the sensation each time, and the feeling that you get when you conquer your fear and let go is something that cannot really be expressed in words, but if I had to, I’d compare it to a confidence boost on steroids. Sometimes we would jump together, but we also did solo jumps, and I’m not sure which I like best. The community that develops between two people jumping into the abyss together is not something that you can get in normal circumstances. Regardless of the height and the platform we used, each jump was an amazing experience and I have never regretted doing it.

Adrenaline Filled Activities That You Can Take Your Lady OnWhite Water

Rafting Another of our favorite activities, one that we probably did even more than bungee jumping. You can’t really compare the two activities, as the thrill of bungee jumping is focused into several moments (if you don’t take into account the time that it takes the platform to reach the jumping height, which can certainly be described as exciting), while with rafting you are getting a prolonged adrenaline boost while you’re racing down the rapids. We started on easier waters, but we were running the grade 4 waters in no time. Like with bungee, we were sometimes in the same boat, but would also occasionally go solo. The cooperation needed to successfully navigate the waters is really something special, especially in the adrenaline packed circumstances.

Adrenaline Filled Activities That You Can Take Your Lady OnMountain Climbing

Like white water rafting, an activity in which you don’t just get to sit back and enjoy the rush, but you have to actually work for it. Now, to be completely honest, we never went on dangerous climbs, and naturally, we always used safety gear, but every climb that we did was a challenge and a great pleasure. You get a tremendous exercise, straining practically every muscle in your body, the rush of climbing to a place where only goats and birds should be a normal occurrence, and finally the amazing view that would definitely take your breath away if you had any left from the climb.

Adrenaline Filled Activities That You Can Take Your Lady OnSea Kayaking

I am in love with water, so it was only a matter of time before we went see kayaking! We got mentored into what to do, got our kayak and went out in the open see, but followed by our instructor. Not like we needed one anyway. This was a real adventure – not just because it filled my body with adrenaline, but because we got to see both penguins and dolphins in their “natural” habitat. I say natural in quotes as this was a package adventure deal in Mornington Peninsula, at Point Nepean National Park.

Now that we have kids we go out on less adventures alone. Our two girls are thrill seekers just like we are – and I know they would seek out an adventurous man just like my husband, when they get old enough that is. Guys, leave the notion that girls are fragile beings you need to protect 24/7 at home. As you can see, some of us just can’t live without putting our selves in danger, or at least perceived danger. We do want your respect, however!

Adrenaline Filled Activities That You Can Take Your Lady OnLily King is a mother of two adventurous girls and a wife to a wonderful husband. Find Lily on Google +.

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