Advertising on How to Grow a Moustache

Thank you for your interest in advertising with How to Grow a Moustache.  HTGAM reaches a group of men ages 17-75 looking for tips, inspiration, entertainment and information revolving around all things male grooming, Travel & Style. If you have a business that a growing “man blog” audience would like to learn more about, then this is your place to advertise! We have over 60.000 visitors a month hungry to learn more about you and what you’re about!  Maybe you would rather sponsor out podcast “Moustache & Blade”? Contact us for more info on that!

Ad Prices (as of June 1,2013)

We are currently accepting new advertisers and have 125 x 125 ad slots available on our sidebar that links to your business, blog or store front.

30 day run: $100
60 day run: $190
90 day run: $375

We also have a select number of 300 x 250 rectangle spots available as well.  This is a premium ad space.

30 day run: $125
60 day run: $250
90 day run: $375


Can I offer a giveaway on your site?
Absolutely…our readers love FREE STUFF!

For my questions or to set up advertising please email us at:


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