Five Things That Make Letterkenny a Great Travel Destination

County Donegal is located in Ireland’s Border Region. That means, it is geographically close to Northern Ireland. The county is known for being uniquely Irish in a number of aspects. They speak their own dialect, they have their own fiddle tradition, and their music has a very distinctive sound. Just listen to Enya to get […]

A Brief History Of Steel

If you were to ask the average historian what kind of metal played the biggest role in human history, you wouldn’t hear them mention precious metals like gold or silver.  When it comes to important metals in human history, steel is one of the most important, if not the most important.  The Iron Age and the […]

Suited Up for Fall 2013: Men’s Fashion Report

As the song goes, “Every girls crazy ’bout a sharp dressed man”. What better ensemble than a men’s suit for the job, to create a clean, polished look that demands the attention, respect and admiration of everyone. This fall 2013, the traditional suit is evolving into a wardrobe staple for all occasions. Every man needs […]

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