Best of British Sport Ideas for Stags and Bachelors

  The Brits have had a storming year of sport; the tense tests with Australia on the Lions rugby tour, Scottish hero Andy Murray winning on home-ground at Wimbledon, beating the Aussies again (cricket this time) at the Ashes and golfer Justin Rose being the first English man to win the US Open in 43 […]

A Kickstarter Campaign To Really Get Behind!

  HUTC are always looking for ‘off kilter’ fun projects. We’ve covered the World Beard & Moustache Championships in the past for news media outlets and are passionate about bringing this event to a much wider audience. Our production team have finally persuaded“Atters” Attree to allow our cameras and crew to follow him as he gives us his […]

A Gent’s Guide to Theatreland

  London’s West End  covers a rather mixed bag of streets between Soho and Covent Garden, or rather maybe more accurately described as  “no further than 2000 yards north, east or west of the Pall Mall Barbershop.” As well as being home to a huge variety of shops, clubs and restaurants it is home to around 40 […]

5 Steps To Organising An Event Successfully

Holding an event can require a lot of effort and can take a lot of time…even more time and aspirin if not planned properly from the get go. Organising a successful event will require a great deal of planning and you will need to stay on task throughout the process. Here are five simple steps […]

Hot Air Balloon Festivals Are For Lovers – Balloon Festivals Of The World

To float away in a hot air balloon, every debtor’s dream…or to have one land in your backyard where you will be awarded a bottle of champagne (proper ballooning etiquette requires this). Hot Air Balloons are fascinating modes of transportation (or get away) left over from a bygone era, a romantic’s passion and a daydreamer’s delight. Attending a […]

5 Must Have Men’s Accessories For Autumn 2013

Accessories are an important part of building a more fashionable you and one should always pay attention to detail. A creative use of accessories can really help you finish your look and tie the room together, ensuring you have a memorable individual and unique style. Here are the five must have accessories every man should […]

How To Modify A Modern DE Blade For A Vintage SEGAL Razor

[Video Tutorial HERE!] [More Photos From My Collection] “My new/old favorite razor!” I had always loved the design of the SEGAL Razor; the handle, the top cap loading mechanism, the weight and balance. It was a shame that no one was producing blades that fit such a thing of beauty any longer. With this in […]

Adventure Travel In Bolivia

Bolivia is a country that seems to have been created for adventure travel. With mountains, salt flats, deserts and jungle, it is just begging to be experienced. Here are my 5 favourite travel adventures in Bolivia.   Otherworldly landscapes – on a 3 or 4 day tour from Uyuni, a outback style jeep will bounce you across […]

What is the A La Souvarov Moustache?

A La Souvarov This obscure stache is named after the Russian General Alexander Suvorov. A combination of moustache and sideburns- Side burns grow down a ½ inch below mouth level and then, like an upside down candy cane curve up and connect with the moustache. The moustache is comprised of two splayed wings with a […]

South Africa’s Top Surfing Locations

With its magnificent coastline stretching more than 2,500 kilometres from the desert in Namibia to the West, to the warm Indian Ocean in Mozambique to the East, South Africa has become a very popular surfing destination.  Enthusiastic surfers from all over the world, leisure surfers and professionals, choose to ride the epic waves year after year […]

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