Benefits of Using the Traditional Shaving Methods

Why choose a wet shave over a dry one?

In this modern world, where technology seems to be the only thing keeping the globe spinning, we find ourselves asking, ‘whatever happened to old school methods?’ This is also the case with shaving; for thousands of years man has used a sharp blade trim the facial fur, but now the electric shaver has come into play it would appear that the new generation of men are opting for the ‘dry method’.

The benefits of using the traditional methods

Benefits of Using the Traditional Shaving Methods

Benefits of Using the Traditional Shaving Methods

This is perfectly fine – using an electric shaver takes less time than a traditional wet shave  – but to give your facial fuzz the send-off it deserves, there’s nothing better than a wet shave with a proper razor blade. Before applying soap or shaving foam, you need to apply warm water which will open up the pores of the skin and relax your facial muscles. It will also enable the whiskers to become softer for a more comfortable and all-round more effective shave.

Top tip 1: Soak a flannel or facecloth in hot water – as hot as you can stand –Then apply a thin coat of lather to your face. Now cover it with the hot cloth and hold it on your face for 1or 2 minutes. Remove cloth and reapply lather to begin the first pass. [Try 3 passes your first time; down-with the grain, sideways and then up-against the grain. Always reapplying lather in-between passes.]

Top Tip 2: If you shave directly after having a bath or shower, the stubble will already be much softer from the water and steam, giving a smoother shave

Keep an eye on how your razor is performing

If you are going to choose the wet shave option over the dry, electric one then you’re going to have to find the perfect razor. You want the sharpest blade that is going to last and do the perfect job so make sure you look around before purchasing.

A traditional open or cut throat razor has a stronger, thicker blade that is designed to be re-sharpened regularly, removing any blunt spots and allowing you to always enjoy a clean even shave without experiencing  irritation and drag on the face and neck. The best edge is maintained by regular sharpening, so keep an eye on the edge to ensure you don’t continue shaving with a blunt piece of metal!

If you do choose to use a DE safety razor then make sure that you replace the blade as needed, typically a good blade will last 6 shaves (3x each side). Some models tend to clog, so regular rinsing in between passes while shaving will help keep a consistent shave.

Top Tip 3: Applying an alcohol based aftershave is guaranteed to irritate the skin that will be especially sensitive right after shaving. Apply a moisturizer instead and then aftershave or cologne a few minutes later.

Benefits of Using the Traditional Shaving Methods

Benefits of Using the Traditional Shaving Methods


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