Best Moustaches in Baseball History

Best Moustaches in Baseball History

It seems like moustaches and baseball go hand-in-hand. Though not as common in the first part of the 20th century, moustaches soon came to be as popular as stolen bases or Red Sox-Yankees games. By the 1970s, they were everywhere.


So in honor of the great American pastime and the dog days of Summer, here are the greatest moustaches in the history of Baseball. If there were a moustache hall of fame, these guys would be in it.


Rollie Fingers

Best Moustaches in Baseball History



Though Rollie Fingers was one of the best pitchers of his generation, he’s one of the few guys that are known more for his handlebar moustache than his performance on the mound. Yes, he won a Cy Young award and an MVP in the same year, but if he wanted to be remembered for that, he shouldn’t have had such an awesome ‘stache.




 Randy Johnson

Best Moustaches in Baseball History


Yes, he had the crazy hair and the even crazier fastball, but what really made Randy Johnson so awesome was the moustache. Eventually the mullet went away, and the fastball lost a little bit of juice, but the ‘stache stayed. Even if you didn’t appreciate him as a player, which many didn’t, you’ve at least gotta admire the determination to keep the same moustache during his illustrious 22-year baseball career. There’s also this.



Bill Buckner

Best Moustaches in Baseball History


Everyone remembers Bill Buckner for making potentially the biggest fluke error in the history of baseball, and for good reason. He ripped out the collective hearts of everyone in New England, threw them on the ground and drilled his cleats into them. It was that bad. But hey, he had a great moustache, if that helps at all. But it probably doesn’t.





Kevin Millar

Best Moustaches in Baseball History


This is more to make Red Sox fans feel better. In 2004, Kevin Millar, along with the rest of “The Idiots” took the nation by storm by breaking the curse of the Great Bambino with their unique flair, and even better, their fantastic facial hair (it was a tough call between Millar’s ‘stache and Johnny Damon’s Jesus beard).





Goose Gossage

Best Moustaches in Baseball History


It’s hard to tell what’s better about Goose Gossage: the pitching, the name or the crazy moustache. The Hall-of-Famer pioneered the role of the “closer” in Major League Baseball, but also helped pioneer the horseshoe moustache. Good job, Goose.







Though new blood is taking over the league, they’re still maintaining the status quo. Players like John Axford, Clay Zavada and even veterans like Barry Zito have proudly donned the moustache in recent years. Let’s hope it’s not a trend.


Written by Patrick Rafferty, one of the Gentlemen Columnists from Few & Far Company.


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