Best Things To Do In Boston

Best Things To Do In Boston

The Charles River

So you want to know what to do when you touch down in Boston? With plenty of history, sport and culture to choose from, you won’t be short of things to do.

Best Things To Do In BostonBoston was the site of the famous Boston Tea Party – a revolt against taxes imposed by the British on the colonies. There’s plenty of history to be found given how big an event it was. The city was also home to key figures of the American Revolution. One such person was Paul Revere.


Instrumental to the Revolution against the British, Revere gathered information that helped map the movements of their forces. You can find his home, standing today as one of the oldest buildings in downtown Boston to get a real flavour of what it was like to live in 1770’s Boston.



Best Things To Do In BostonThe Old North Church is worth a visit if history is firmly on your agenda. It was here that, on the 18th April 1775, the signal was raised of the approach of British ships. Revere was to ride out by horse to notify the Patriot troops if the enemy was approaching by sea or land. Other outriders were ready to pass on the word if Revere was captured. Lanterns were held in the window of the Old North Church steeple, which would be seen by the backup riders across the harbour. If the British arrived by land, one lantern was to be shown, two if by sea.



Best Things To Do In BostonIf culture is what you are looking for, head over to the Institute of Contemporary Art. A feat of design in itself, the ICA sits right on the Boston Harbour. As interesting for its architecture as the art it houses, the ICA offers up a blend of artwork and exhibitions throughout the year.



Best Things To Do In BostonFor shoppers, there’s Back Bay. You’ll find a range of stores here from the more affordable right up to the high-end designers. You can also wander the tree-lined avenues of red brick town houses from the 1800’s as you shop your day away.



Best Things To Do In BostonFenway Park is a must-visit for sports fans. Catch a game here and you’ll get to see the 2013 World Series-winning Boston Red Sox in action. If you aren’t here on a game day, you can always take a tour of this world-famous stadium.




Best Things To Do In BostonWith so much to pack in to a stay in Boston, one of the best ways to see the sights is by water. Drive around the city in a World War 2-style amphibious vehicle as your guide points out all there is to see in Boston, ensuring you don’t miss the must-see places. Then, for an alternative view, your driver will take you off the streets and straight on to the waters of the Charles River, offering up views of the Boston and Cambridge skylines. This truly offers a unique way to explore the city that will entertain old and young alike.

Best Things To Do In BostonNo trip to Boston would be complete without sampling some world-famous Boston seafood. There are so many restaurants that will serve up Boston lobster, fried clams and the internationally renowned New England clam chowder, that you won’t know where to begin.

So now its time to get your tickets booked, sorted out some cheap annual travel insurance and head out to explore Boston!

Greg Benson is an avid traveller who loves to give inspirational pieces to new readers. Boston is a wonderful place and hopefully this guide will help you enjoy it even more!

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