2015 HTGAM Movember Challenge

Welcome! This is part of the HTGAM Movember teams’ fundraising campaign where those who accept the challenge can pour a bucket of bloom water on their head and/or lather their entire head, and/or donate $10 to either HTGAM Movember team: MovemberTeamHTGAM.com (US) and HTGAM-Eh-Team.com (Canada). The kickoff videos from the American and the Canadian HTGAM Movember […]

Blowdryers, Clogged Sinks, and Hats…lots of Hats: A National Beard & Moustache Championship 2013 Recap

New Orleans, Louisiana played host to the Beard Team USA National Beard and Moustache Championships the weekend of September 6th. While Louisiana has not been recognized as a forceful state in the sport of facial hair competitions, this did not stop the masses from coming out. I am the founder of the Louisiana Beard & […]

Famous Moustaches in Recent Australian History

  For centuries, mustaches have been the symbol of raw manhood universally recognizable across the globe. They were the pride of western culture, admired by everyone else across the meridians not blessed with the gift of strong-willed facial hair. That facial hair on the upper lip was the line, or rather a great number of […]

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