The Big Shave West 2: Turning Social Media Into Social Reality

We’ve seen many posts, pictures, and videos of the Big Shave West 2 (TBSW2), held at The Old Town Shaving Co. in Pasadena on April 23, 2016 published in social media platforms. They showed hundreds of happy faces, and that it was a bigger event than last year’s inaugural meet-up with more shavers/attendees and artisans/vendors. […]

How To Wet Shave – A No Frills Video Guide For The Noob

New to wet shaving? Can’t figure out how to load a DE Blade into your razor? Don’t know your YMMV from your SOTD…Doug’s got you covered. In this vid Douglas Smythe lays down the real basics to wet shaving, enough to get you going and getting a damn fine shave! This is not the be […]

My First Year of Traditional Wet Shaving

  After 30 years of shaving with multi-blade disposable razors and canned gel, I took the dive into traditional wet shaving early last April. The impetus? A nearly random trip to The Art of Shaving (AoS). I say nearly as 12 years ago I had used an entire puck of Wilkinson Sword shaving soap and […]

Fifty Shaves of Straight

It all began on Father’s Day 2014 (June 15), when my wife and daughter gave me a gift of shaving soap (Ocean Kelp) and matching after shave lotion from The Art of Shaving. My wife knew a shaving-related gift would be a hit, although I love all her thoughtful gifts. The only shaving-related store where […]

Teeth Whitening Tips For Guys Who Love Their Coffee and Cigars

  Are you a guy who just loves his coffee and cigars? You probably already know that these items stain your teeth- but since I work in the dental field, my conscience wouldn’t let me rest if I didn’t mention it. It’s true though- but the tooth-staining properties of coffee and cigars shouldn’t make you […]

9 Haircuts Women Love

Your hair style says as much about you as your wardrobe. The look should send a clear message about your personality with a lasting impression that women will find irresistible. Regardless of where you are now with your look, we would like to share 9 new men’s hair styles that women really love. Fear not, […]

Five Ways Facial Hair Is Coming Back Into Vogue

  Facial hair is becoming cool and masculine again for men. From moustaches to beards, more men are sporting facial hair as it adds a dignified and hip look to any style. [think sports players to hipsters.]   1. Trimmed Beards   Beards that are neatly trimmed and clean-cut are a sharp and sophisticated look […]

6 Skin Care Mistakes Guys Make Everyday

The most common mistake guys make with their skin is doing nothing. In other words, many just don’t put skin care on the top of their priority list. As a parent of 3 grown men, I feel comfortable saying even though showering and hair product are rarely neglected, skin care is not likely a top […]

Tricking Out The Shower Shaving Station

(Find Original Article, Part 1 @ The Sharpologist) Some of you out there may already be or at least toying around with the idea of moving your daily shave into the shower. I couldn’t encourage this move enough. A couple of motivating factors for this upheaval include: Speed, not in a bad way, you will […]

Why The Red Beard?

As a woman, bearded men are a curiosity to me, all the more, if  the  beard is red and the hair on his head is not! The reason as to why this strange phenomenon happens is still under a shroud of mystery…well, that’s hardly true anymore but it did add some dramatic weight to the […]

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