Real Men Play Cornhole

Do you know what cornhole is?  If your first reaction wasn’t “duh,” it may have been “WTH?!”  If you were in the second group, you aren’t alone.  Check out this video below of my first encounter with cornhole.   [vsw id=”HHfrrQhGzpU” source=”youtube” width=”525″ height=”444″ autoplay=”no”]   So cornhole is a game.  A pretty awesome game, if I may say so myself.  Here […]

Is Your Beer Really Skunked?

You may have heard someone comment after a quick swig of beer “this is skunked!”, and you may have noticed that such comments are often expressed by someone drinking from a green-bottle of beer. You might also feel that this person knows something about beer. Let it be known that may not always be the […]

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