Moustache & Blade – Episode 11: Interview With Fine Accoutrements

 Welcome to Episode 11 of Moustache & Blade, you are certainly in for an epic ride down the wet shave highway! Today Douglas shares his tips and tricks on breathing life into your very own FrankenRazor, while Ryan dabbles with frequently seen but seldomly understood wet shaving acronyms! Then Mantic 59 drops some more wet shaving […]

Moustache & Blade Podcast Episode 10: Interview with Craig The Barber

Call To Action:  Please go to MoustacheandBlade.Com this is a pre-populated Tweet aiding us in spreading the wet shaving word that your listening to us…just click Tweet! [I believe I gave out the wrong address on today’s show…duh.] If you enjoy our show please take a second to review us on Itunes porfavor, ratings keep Moustache […]

Moustache & Blade Podcast- Ep 9: Interview with Mantic 59

 Welcome to the much anticipated episode 9 of Moustache & Blade! On today’s show Ryan and Douglas finally manage to catch up to everybody’s favorite shaving guru Mark Herro, Mantic 59. Listen as our hosts learn of Mark’s humble beginnings, how the Sharpologist came to be and how we all owe so much to the […]

Moustache & Blade – Ep 8: Interview with Michael “Atters” Attree

Huzzah and welcome to Episode 8 of Moustache & Blade! We welcome a very special guest, a very near and dear friend of the HTGAM family…Atters Attree, handlebar moustache superstar, grand wizard of the graspable appendage, editor-at Large (and resident bounder) of The Chap Magazine, actor, satirist and champion chap himself! Listen as Atters melts both […]

Moustache & Blade – Ep 7: Interview with Miguel Gutierrez, The Nomad Barber

Greetings Folks, we are back again with yet another episode of Moustache & Blade! We are very excited to have Miguel Gutierrez , The Nomad Barber with us today and we know you will be too. This past June 12th superstar barber Miguel Gutierrez set out on a barbering adventure across five continents, armed with only a backpack, his […]

Moustache & Blade Podcast – Ep6: Interview with Lynn Abrams

 Welcome to the much anticipated Episode 6 of Moustache & Blade! Join Ryan Steven Green and Douglas Smythe as they have a sit down with “Honemeister” Lynn Abrams, founder of the first SE forum StraightRazorPlace.Com and co-owner of StraightRazorDesigns.Com Listen as Douglas and Ryan once again get tempted to enter the world of the straight razor […]

Moustache & Blade Podcast – Ep5: Interview with The Village Barber

Welcome to Episode 5 of Moustache & Blade! On this weeks show Douglas and Ryan pick the brain of Iain Kane, traditional barber and creator of Village Barber Shaving Oils and Balms. Come join the “lads” as they learn the secrets of proper skin care and face saving technique from the barber himself! Also in […]

Moustache & Blade Podcast – Episode 4: Interview with Captain’s Choice Aftershave

Welcome to Episode 4 of Moustache & Blade! On today’s show you will meet Scott Brennecke of Captain’s Choice Aftershave. Join Douglas and Ryan as they once again sit down to pick the brain of yet another fascinating small business owner within the wet shaving community. Hear how Captain’s started, where it’s headed and learn […]

Moustache & Blade – Episode 2 : Feature Interview with Italian Barber

In episode 2 of Moustache & Blade Douglas and Ryan sit down for a friendly chat with Joseph Abbatangelo of – Learn of Italian Barber’s origin, alum blocks, Joe’s favorite moustache wax, Ryan’s mysterious experience in Italy, and Poo-Pourii…you read right.  So pour yourself a cup of coffee, kick back and enjoy!If you have any questions […]

Moustache & Blade Podcast – Episode 1: Meet Your Hosts

Welcome to our very first episode of Moustache & Blade! This first show is more of a “Meet the Hosts” type hang out. Listen while both Douglas Smythe and Ryan Steven Green tell you a little about themselves and their mutual interests in wet shaving and facial hair. Hear how they met and take a […]