Cheroot Smoking Grannies – One More Reason to Visit Myanmar

While in the West, the image of a woman smoking a cigar may conjure up images of the Wild Wild West or other types of women living on the frontier, this is not the case in all the world. In Myanmar, or Burma, for example, it is quite common, at least in some areas, to see […]

Notes From The Noob: Ryan Steven Green’s Wet Shaving Journal – Entries 13-19

Post 13 I’ve reconciled myself to the fact that my shave will never again be as close as that my Mach 5 used to provide. The reason is that the Mach 5, true to the advertisements, actually cuts the hairs below the surface of the skin [Update: Things have changed]. As I’ve come to find […]

World’s Best Steel Roller Coasters

There is something about the feel that comes from sitting at the top of a hill and seeing the world around you before the bottom drops out. That sensation is one that you can only get on one of the best roller coasters in the world.   While some people still think that the best […]

Top Surf Tips from Kelly Slater

Known as one of the best surfers on the planet, Kelly Slater is an 11-time champion, was awarded two perfect scores under the ASP two-wave scoring system and was the youngest surfer to ever win a championship. Slater’s technique and style is known to be completely different from most surfers on the circuit. With more […]

Real Men Stay In Lodges

It’s always in a man’s best interests to get outside and explore what nature has to offer. In the past that would have involved spending a night in a tent with a sleeping bag, guaranteeing a horrible night’s sleep. Nowadays though a man needs to feel like the master of his own domain. Forget a […]

Best Things To Do In Boston

So you want to know what to do when you touch down in Boston? With plenty of history, sport and culture to choose from, you won’t be short of things to do. Boston was the site of the famous Boston Tea Party – a revolt against taxes imposed by the British on the colonies. There’s […]

4 Adrenaline Filled Activities That You Can Take Your Lady On

Adrenaline Filled Activities That You Can Take Your Lady to Even though it may be true that some of the extreme sports are dominated by men, it wouldn’t be fair to say that women don’t find them interesting as well. Take me for example, I’ve been on numerous trips with my husband, and there was […]

Extreme Sports Venues in Myanmar

Myanmar Geography Offers Many Extreme Sports Venues   With its decision to rejoin the community of nations, Myanmar made a daredevil leap to the front pages of the world. This is good news for extreme sports enthusiasts. Myanmar’s dramatic landscape offers athletes some exciting venues that have been pretty much off limits till now.   Heli-skiing is a sport […]

Haunted Edinburgh

Edinburgh is a spine-tinglingly spooky and architecturally beautiful city. Like Prague, its cobbled wynds and once lamp-lit alleyways run in a riddle over several miles of subterranean streets, narrow walkways and intact houses lost to history until they were rediscovered in the 1980’s. Active witch covens still practice in these gloomy vaults, accessible through the […]

An Englishman In Death Valley, California

    Perhaps you’re stuck at home watching the Antiques Roadshow, twiddling your thumbs and frustrated with your unexciting existence. Only adding to your grief is knowing you’re back to work after the weekend – the same old mundane week ahead. But then your mind wanders and you remind yourself that it’s ok – you […]

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