The Cutting Edge Wet Shaver’s Podcast: Ep 17 – Things Are Not Always What They Seem (wet-shaving-podcast): Play in new window | Download | EmbedSubscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS Welcome to Episode 17! Hey folks, well the boys are back and just in time! There has been a lot of things going on in our little corner of the internet, affectionately called by most, Shavedom. As of recently Shave […]

Blast Off For The Big Shave West 2016!

  The Radest Wet Shave Meet This Side Of The Beach IS BACK! This was just going to be a simple event post…but I feel something bubbling up. Where to begin? For those who attended this groundbreaking shave fest last year, YOU know…and will return this year. For those who couldn’t make it, now’s your […]

2015 HTGAM Movember Challenge

Welcome! This is part of the HTGAM Movember teams’ fundraising campaign where those who accept the challenge can pour a bucket of bloom water on their head and/or lather their entire head, and/or donate $10 to either HTGAM Movember team: (US) and (Canada). The kickoff videos from the American and the Canadian HTGAM Movember […]

What He Really Wants: Great Gift Ideas For Your Man

When it comes to men, you would think that gift giving would be a simple task, yet when searching for the perfect gift, it’s easy to get stuck. If you are preparing to buy a gift for a man, and want to purchase them something other than the myriad of unwanted ties and bad cologne that they may be used to receiving, […]

A Kickstarter Campaign To Really Get Behind!

  HUTC are always looking for ‘off kilter’ fun projects. We’ve covered the World Beard & Moustache Championships in the past for news media outlets and are passionate about bringing this event to a much wider audience. Our production team have finally persuaded“Atters” Attree to allow our cameras and crew to follow him as he gives us his […]

How your Moustache can get you bullied at work

How your Moustache can get you bullied at work When it comes to matters of personal expression, you can always expect that there will be some people who hate what you have to say and some people who will love it. When it comes to your moustache, you rather hope that the number of fans […]

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