The Heart Of Shaving – Wet Shaving Documentary

This is it, it’s finally here, The Heart Of Shaving! A huge shout out to Matt Pisarcik and Marisa Neel of Razor Emporium for seeing this thru! This film folks really is only the tip of the iceberg and easily could have been 6 hrs long, but we believe it is a great intro to […]

Why Shaving Made Us Men

What does it mean to be a man? Is it simply our gender that differentiates us from the fairer sex? Often times, when people think of a “man”, they think of a courageous or valiant man in battle, business or family life. In the past, being a man meant you were a hunter, provider, and […]

Tricking Out The Shower Shaving Station

(Find Original Article, Part 1 @ The Sharpologist) Some of you out there may already be or at least toying around with the idea of moving your daily shave into the shower. I couldn’t encourage this move enough. A couple of motivating factors for this upheaval include: Speed, not in a bad way, you will […]

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