The Cutting Edge Wet Shaving Podcast – Episode 15 : The Big Shave West and Then Some

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Welcome to Episode 15 of The Cutting Edge Wet Shaving Podcast w/ Con Kazantzidas & Douglas Smythe!

As you, our dear listener, have already out, today’s show is about The Big Shave! A truly unique wet shaving extravaganza in it’s second year! We will recap a bit of last year and verbally anticipate this years even BIGGER event. Aside from TBSW, we will also cover artisan soaps and how funky they can look, the phenomenon of Wet Shave Celebrities (you have to chuckle) and Con’s Validation Crisis!

The Big Shave West 2 Documentary: The Heart Of Shaving HERE!

Looking For A Meet Up Closer To Home? Check out a new wet shaving resource when it comes to meet ups and even how to organize your own event!

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