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Ever since I’ve had eye surgery to correct my vision in the late 90s, I always wear sunglasses as soon as I step into daylight, especially while driving. I didn’t buy sunglasses before my surgery as I couldn’t even keep from losing my regular prescription glasses, let alone afford prescription sunglasses. I wore contacts for a year before realizing I wasn’t fastidious enough to care for them appropriately, therefore eliminating their usefulness. Now that I don’t need prescriptions, I wear sunglasses as soon as I’m outdoors. So when, Jonathan Kassan, co-founder of Fello Eyewear (www.felloeyewear.com), and fellow whisker-wearer, offered the opportunity for someone at the How To Grow A Moustache blog to try a pair of final prototype sunglasses, I gladly agreed. Fello Eyewear is currently running an Indiegogo campaign to launch three high quality AND affordable sunglasses styles at http://bit.ly/freefellos.
Did you know that 80% of sunglasses are made by a single manufacturer, Luxotica?  So owning a pair of sunglasses that aren’t processed through the expensive value chain of Luxotica is exciting. No more middle-man and lots more value, which means higher quality and lower price. Sounds great to me. I was eager to try the Fello sunglasses, which are in the price range of what I wear.
It was an enjoyable experience to wear the black Konvoys for 6 days before returning them. Unlike other sunglasses, there was no need to adjust to their weight or different tint. I found they combine all the qualities I’m looking for in sunglasses, or most products for that matter: classic look, strong performance, durable material & construction, affordable with great value, premium customer service, philanthropic contribution, and support for a small professional business.
Fello Konvoys 
They have a classic vintage look but with contemporary/art deco touches, such as the chrome vertical parallel lines on the end piece. I like this stylish look as it’s suitable for casual times and for formal occasions.
The grey tinted polarized lenses filter glare from reflective surfaces such as asphalt, while remaining true to colour. The sunglasses provide UV 400 protection, which covers the sun’s harmful radiation in UVA and UVB light from 99 to 100 percent; so basically, a concrete wall you can see through.  The lenses are made of polycarbonate, which is the lightest material and much better in scratch resistance, and offer less distortion than typical acrylic lenses in low coat sunglasses.
The frame is made of natural cellulose acetate, which is a stronger, more flexible, and lighter plastic material. All the parts are secured by screws, which means they won’t snap free if the sunglasses fall. The firmly fastened components provide a stronger level of durability. Although the nose pads are fixed, that is, non-adjustable, the larger surface rests lightly and comfortably on the nose. I wore the glasses for 4 hours non-stop and surprisingly, did not have any “fatigue” on my nose.
Fello Pondering on the Beach 
For $71, the price is a solid value when you consider the quality of the sunglasses and how this price isn’t much more than the lower quality sunglasses. The exceptional warranty offered in their Indiegogo campaign makes it irresistible. Break them or lose them, and Fello will replace them. That incredible offer is triggered when you order a pair during their Indiegogo campaign and share your smart purchase on social media.
As a business, Fello Eyewear stands apart by helping people who have vision issues. Fello donates $5 to VOSH (Volunteer Optometric Services to Humanity) for each pair of sunglasses sold.
In conclusion, these sunglasses have classic style, are comfortable to wear, give superb protection, provide unchanged color filtration, are affordable, come with a strong customer service, support a non-profit organization, and help launch an American small business. Sold. I purchased black Konvoys on Fello Eyewear’s Indiegogo campaign at: http://bit.ly/freefellos. Presently, they have two other classic styles available in their campaign, but will expand their offering in the near future, and will likely offer a prescription lenses option. I can’t wait to receive my sunglasses in July, and I wish Fello Eyewear much success.
Fello on GrassChristian Lévesque has been living in sunny California since 2008. As a family man, he enjoys wearing affordable, yet practical and stylish accessories such as sunglasses. Wearing sunglasses permits him to see beauty more clearly, and allows for safer driving while shielding his vision from harmful solar rays.

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