Finding Meteorites With A Metal Detector

Finding Meteorites With A Metal Detector

Many might think high profile scientists are the only ones to have located space debris like meteorites here on earth.  That, however, is not the case at all.  In fact, many meteorites have actually been found by metal detector hobbyists.  Here’s Daniel Bernzweig of Detector Electronics Corp. to tell us more so we can find some meteorites too!


how to find meteoritesSpace Rocks with a Larger Purpose!

Many of the meteorites that fall to earth are made of a variety of things including iron and nickel; which makes metal detectors an ideal way to find them. Unfortunately, the wetter the climate, the harder it is to find meteorites simply because the wet environment degrades the metals in them.  But if you’re in a dry climate and have the right metal detector and equipment, chances are, you may find a meteorite!


What are the Best Metal Detectors for Finding Meteorites?

The best meteorite hunting metal detector is the same type of machine used for gold prospecting.  This type of metal detector will have a fairly high frequency for increased target sensitivity as well as a manual ground balance control to combat the heavy ground mineralization that’s often found in the same desert places as meteorites.  In addition, a good metal detector for finding meteorites will be sensitive to iron and nickel; the main metals found in meteorites.


how to find meteorsSome Noteable Meteorite finds with Metal Detectors!

Given the range in size of meteorites it would be advantageous to have a variety of sizes of search coils as well.  The larger the search coil the deeper your metal detector can locate targets, but, the less sensitive it is to smaller targets.  Having a small, medium, and large search coil would allow your metal detector to search even more area without missing any targets regardless of their size or depth. One of the most respected metoerite hunters, Twink Monrad, located several exciting finds with an XP DEUS metal detector in Arizona. Twink is noted for having located the “Golden Rule” and the “Golden Mile” meteorites. In addition to meteorites she has also found gold and other precious metals with her metal detector. This shows that finding a piece of another planet here on earth is clearly a reality for many. With a little bit of time, effort and research meteorite hunting can be a fun and relaxing hobby that anyone can enjoy!

When hunting meteorites it’s also helpful to have a GPS device to document the location of your find.  While this is always of interest, when metal detecting for meteorites knowing exactly where you located the find is actually quite important to record whenever possible.  This way, scientists and other interested parties can track where meteorites are falling, what type they are, and other important data like this.

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It really is possible, with the right equipment, to locate a meteorite that’s fallen to earth.  And, meteorite hunting is a very exciting pastime.   So if you’ve always wanted to go to space but never had the chance, you can learn how to bring a bit of space to you when you learn how to find a meteorite with your metal detector!

how to use metal detectorMichael Bernzweig manages in Southborough, MA. He has written on the subject of treasure hunting and metal detecting since the mid 1980’s. He enjoys traveling with his metal detector and helping to educate others in the correct use of metal detectors in their explorations.

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