How To Grow A Mustache – Tips From A Lady With Mustache Envy

How To Grow A Mustache - Tips From A Lady With Mustache EnvyOh the faces you will grow!
A mustache can make a variety of statements from cowboy staches to the “Cheech” fashioned variations from the 70’s. Whether you’re going for an old school gringo mustache, a boxcar, a trucker, a major (yep there are a lot of crazy choices) you’ll have a lot of fun crafting the look of your once bare upper lip. If you’re in the mood for a change and want to know how to grow the perfect mustache read on.
Drum roll . . . Don’t shave your upper lip (!)
This one’s a no brainer right? Besides the obvious, try not to mess with your upper lip as it starts to sprout hair and avoid scrubbing the area too hard, not that that would be a problem for most guys.
Pick the right mustache for your face
Once you get a strong base growth of hair on your upper lip it is time for you to stylize your handsome beginnings of a mustache. Choose the right mustache for the shape of your face. Check your face out in the mirror. Imagine your face with a mustache, maybe even with some photos handy of the styles you are considering. Once you have a clear picture of how you want to look, go for it; you can always shave it and start over.
Some guys like the vintage handlebar look, some guys think they’d rock a Fu Manchu, and even more keep it simple and go for a classic upper lip mustache (yawn). Pick the right one and you won’t mind keeping it up, and you’ll enjoy the process. As your awesome stache grows in keep shaving around it, keeping your cheeks, chin and neck hair free; nobody likes a seedy looking neck beard.
Please keep it clean!
And we don’t mean by sucking what you had for lunch off your newly crafted mustache. Your mustache will end up being a catch all for all the food you eat or beer you drink, and no one wants to see or smell it after the fact, especially the ladies so keep that in mind.
Groom, then grow some more (!)

How To Grow A Mustache – Tips From A Lady With Mustache Envy

How To Grow A Mustache – Tips From A Lady With Mustache Envy

Once you have your mustache exactly the way you want it, you’re not finished; you need to put in the effort to keep it looking its best. You’ll want to invest in a mustache comb, and depending on the mustache you decided to grow you may need to pick up some mustache wax. Mustache wax will keep longer, more challenging staches under control but you only need to use a little; to much will make it look greasy. Most important of all, keep it trimmed; don’t let those wild hairs curl up into your mouth, gripping on to food or beer foam, not a hot look. When it comes to trimming your moustache do it while it’s dry; never wet. When your hair is wet it’s always longer than when it is dry so you’ll end up cutting too much off.
Growing a mustache can be fun; let’s face it, we all like a change once in awhile. Heck if the ladies can get their hair highlighted or died pink and purple and get away with it, why can’t guys grow a wicked cookie duster? If you are still a bit nervous about what people will say, grow your stache in “Movember” (November) when men worldwide grow mustaches to raise awareness for men’s health, and decide for yourself if your mustache is a keeper. Good Luck!
-Lisa Slipp

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  1. I personally like to change my facial hair’s style, it is quite funny indeed and at the same time it can show the fact that you do not like to be the same all the time. I feel like I am playing when I change the aspect of my mustache :)).

  2. Hmm starting in Movember is a great idea, people won’t judge me so much if it looks crap!!

  3. Who cares if it does look crap? Give it a go, if you want to see if you like it, just do it!

  4. Too True Georgia, great advice!

  5. I love my moustache and I think the ladies do too!

  6. I LOVE my man to have a moustache, it just makes him look so sophisticated.

  7. Thanks Lisa! [and thank you HTGAM, I love this site! your articles are fun, funny and fresh- and the free APP is “the bomb”!]

  8. Good article lisa! I took note that food/beer in mustache=not cool! My girlfriend turned me onto this blog and in 2 days I have read everything. Happy moustache march…now we wait for Douglas to continue with his Saga!

  9. this is great, love the feminine perspective! thank you howtogrowamoustache! happy moustache March!

  10. Im back! I love you guys and gals! thanks lisa for this, it seems to be burried now with all these new articles…geesh that was fast! I see Mr. Smythe is on fire. Good Show folks! I’ll be back next weekend! Happy Mustache March!!!!! 🙂

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