How to Make a Recyclable Blade Bank

How to Make a Recyclable Blade  Bank

Today we are going to be rolling up our sleeves and constructing a recyclable blade bank here at How to Grow a Moustache! There are quite a few antique collectible blade banks floating around, but once they are full you still have to dispose of the blades. With our design, once the tin is full it’s simply tossed in with the rest of your recycling, blades and all. We also provide you with a really handsome, Victorian Style identifying label. It serves as a decorative piece in the bathroom next to your shaving kit and at the same time it sends a warning to the recycling company when they are picking through your empties.


How to Make a Recyclable Blade Bank

How to Make a Recyclable Blade Bank


Blade banks really are cool little pieces of history. If you live an older house you may have a slot inside your medicine cabinet labeled “blade bank” or maybe the label has been worn away with the ages. What that slot was used for was, you guessed it, disposing blades! I am willing to bet, unless your house was a nunnery in the past, that in between the studs of the wall your medicine cabinet hangs on are probably thousands of used ancient double edged blades…fascinating, no? 


They thought of everything back then! I am currently on the hunt for one of these old time, medicine cabinet numbers, but until I find one I will happily use this cool little blade bank canisters we have concocted. Hope you enjoy this tutorial, and please leave questions & Comments below and we will answer them ASAP.

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Note: You may opt to use a  Dremel to cut the slot if you have one at your disposal.

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  1. Thank you for the excellent instruction. I am however, having difficulty locating the link for the label art. Can you please provide. Thanks, Mike