How to Make Bay Rum Aftershave

how to make bay rum aftershave

how to make bay rum aftershave

Stop buying Aftershave and make your own face saving, moisturizing Bay Rum! The classic smell of all things manly…in a good way. Also, a great conversation starter once the ladies start to flock. So sit back and enjoy our video tutorial from our very own DIY guy, Douglas Smythe! 

What you will need:

1  Mason Jar with Lid
   Coffee Filters
4oz Rum
8oz Witch Hazel
30 drops Neem Oil (optional)
1 oz Rose Water (optional)
1 oz Glycerin
15 Bay Leaves-Pimenta Racemosa (not the seasoning in your cupboard- TIP: Google “Bay Rum Leaves, Pimenta Racemosa” and you will find them.)

[If you are having trouble finding Bay Leaves you may substitute Bay Oil instead. Use .25 ounces.]

1tbs Allspice Berries
1tsp Dried or Fresh Ginger
1 Cinamon Stick
2 Vanilla Beans
1tsp Dried or Fresh Orange Zest

[As should be used within 6 weeks. To extend life add 12 drops grapefruit seed  extract and or Vitamin E (1/4 tsp)

Watch Tutorial Video Below!

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  1. Nick Jenne says:

    Hi, what stores sale Pimenta Racemosa?

  2. What brand of rum would you recommend using?

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