Five Tips To Get Your Car Smelling Like It Did Driving Off The Lot

how to make care smell better

When buying a new car, many people feel that the new car smell is one of the most enjoyable parts of the experience of getting a new car. While it goes away naturally with time, there are five things that you can do to retain or restore that new car smell.


how to make care smell betterClean Regularly

Obviously a car that is used with any frequency will become dingy over time. One of the most important tips to follow if you are looking to keep your car smelling great is to clean it regularly. This should include vacuuming and wiping down your car every couple weeks which will ensure that any dust and debris is removed. You should also have the interior detailed and professionally cleaned a couple times per year if you truly want the great smell to stick.


how to make care smell betterSmoke Electronic Cigarettes Instead

Smoking regular cigarettes is one of the fastest ways that you can ruin the smell of your car. If you feel the need to smoke, an electronic cigarette can be a better option as far as olfactory impact is concerned. More information about this type of cigarette can be found at


how to make care smell betterKeep Windows Closed

Most people think keeping their car windows open on a regular basis will help to keep the car smelling fresh. However, open windows can actually lead to water getting into the car, which in turn can leave residue and even foster the growth of mold or mildew. Should things get that dire, you’ll likely have a terrible scent that is nearly impossible to fully remove.


how to make care smell betterAir Fresheners

Using air fresheners is another effective way to retain that new car smell. New car smell is actually a completely artificial smell that is sprayed in many new or used cars for sale. It can be easily re-created temporarily by installing and using an air freshener. With these fresheners the smell can normally last for up to a few weeks before it starts to fade. We recommend an air freshener that plugs into the lighter socket and heats essential oils or a hanging one scented with essential oil. A new smelling car is our aim but breathing in harsh artificial chemicals is simply dumb in this day and age. Look for them online or in your local health food store!


how to make care smell betterAvoid Eating

If you want to keep your car smelling new for as long as possible another important key is to avoid eating and drinking in your car. When you eat a feast in your car you’ll likely spill some food. And spilled food can then begin to spoil which can be difficult to clean off of upholstery. Spilled or dropped food is a major culprit for ruining the new car smell.


Often, the most enjoyable time with a car is the first few weeks. While the newness of it is appealing, the new car smell makes it that much more enjoyable. Use the tips above to hold on the the smell we’ve all come to expect from freshly purchased cars.

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how to make care smell better

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