How To Protect Your Car From The Sun This Summer

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Keeping your car in good condition is a constant fight against nature and the wears of the road.  One simple but devastating impact on your vehicles interior, exterior, and engine components is the sun.  UV rays are an enemy to your car’s upholstery and to its paint job as well.  Much of the day our cars are left in the direct sunlight just baking in the heat.  For those of us that have black cars and/or black interior really see these effects. 

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how to , tips, tricksProtecting Your Interior                                   

One of the easiest and cheapest actions you can take is to park your car in the shade.  Avoid open areas if possible and park anywhere that a building or tree might be able to provide a little bit of free protection from the suns UV rays.  This will help both your interior dashboard from fading or cracking and of course your paint finish.  Any sun deflector you can place in your windows will be beneficial.  Sometimes it’s not the direct sunlight that will harm your car but the build-up of heat inside of it.  Many parts inside your car are made with plastics and glues.  When the inside of your car gets too hot, these plastics warp and melt.  Use a sun shade for your windshield; they are cheap and very effective.  Also use conditioners and lubricators for leather interiors.  Conditioning your leather will prevent it from cracking and fading over time.

how to hand wax car, protect from sun, tips tricksProtecting Your Exterior

Wash and wax your vehicle as often as you possibly can.  Your exterior paint is protected with a clear coat on its surface.  This coat can wear down over time and allow your paint to fade.  The cleaner you keep this coat and the more you protect it with wax, the longer it will last and keep your paint looking new.  When dirt, pollen, and resins are left sitting on your paint they can erode it, and even crack it.  The more dirt on your car the more susceptible it is to damaging the paint.  Getting a hand wax is the best protection you can get, but if the drive through car washes will help a little bit as well.

tips, tricksProtecting Your Engine

Even more important than the aesthetics of your vehicle are the hoses, belts, and other moving parts under the hood.  These parts are made with rubber and plastics that can also be damaged from high heat in the summer time.  Keep an eye on these parts and replace them when you begin to see them cracking or looking worn down.  This will help prevent further damage to other parts of your motor.  The intense summer heat is often the culprit for damaged hoses and belts under your hood.  Keep everything wiped down and clean around your battery and these surface parts.  It will help to prevent erosion and malfunction. 

Keeping your car clean and covered from the sun will help tremendously in prolonging the life of your paint, interior, and engine.  Wax it as often as possible, keep an eye on your hoses and belts, and you will likely prevent damages from happening. 

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