How To Use A Modern Shaving Scuttle

How To Use A Modern Shaving Scuttle

Have you ever really truly experienced a hot lather? Shaving with hot lather, especially during the colder months, is a relaxing luxury. Hot suds can also aid you in getting a closer shave too…win. So let’s get that new little lather machine tweaked out, tuned up, and ready to go.

How to use a Double Walled Modern Scuttle

1)      First and foremost we need to heat the scuttle. Fill your sink with hot water. While the water is running fill up your scuttle as well. Now place it in the sink under the hot water. Tuck the brush in the lather bowl with the bristle in and the handle out. Allow the scuttle to heat for a good 5-10 minutes. In this time you may shower (recommended), make coffee, do 100 push-ups (not recommended), generally just kill time.

2)      After the allotted time has passed empty the water from the scuttle and then refill it with fresh hot water.

3)      Now, in a separate mug or bowl, drop in your soap of choice and with your brush begin to whip up a starter lather. Once the brush is loaded, transfer over to the hot scuttle and proceed to whip up lather. If at any point the lather becomes “dry” and sticky and doesn’t seem to want to build, you may have to experiment with the water temperature. Some soap will work better than others in a hot scuttle.

4)      As you build lather, now and again dip the tips of the brush under a stream of running hot water to rehydrate the suds. This should be done in between passes to rebuild a workable lather.

When done, empty and clean the scuttle thoroughly, being sure to rinse off any soap residue. This is important especially if the scuttle is ceramic and decorative. If soap is left behind, the stearic acid present in the suds will in time discolor and eat at the earthenware. Be sure to rinse out your brush as well, and then hang upside to dry. To add longer life to the soap puck, rinse and then place in a drainable soap dish to air dry in between uses.

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