How your Moustache can get you bullied at work

How your Moustache can get you bullied at work

When it comes to matters of personal expression, you can always expect that there will be some people who hate what you have to say and some people who will love it. When it comes to your moustache, you rather hope that the number of fans will be far greater than the number of detractors, but the truth of the matter is that you are probably going to get some blow back.

If you are someone with a moustache, you know why you like it. You may feel that it adds some personality to your face, or you may find that it gives you a significantly better groomed appearance. Let’s face it, without moustaches, a lot of us feel as if we’re bare and kind of baby-faced. Maybe growing a moustache lets you feel connected with the men in your family or maybe you’ve just always had one.

Whether you have been growing a moustache since you were able to, or you are new to the fun of facial hair, it is important for you to realize that it can lead to a bit of discrimination at work! As if people don’t have enough to worry about, now we’re seeing that moustaches can actually make people think of you as delinquent and slovenly.

According to a recent poll at Reuters, about 68% of American women state that they would not be interested in dating a man with a moustache. While on one hand, that means that 32% of American women do not mind facial hair and even love it, it does tell us something about the way that people think about us.

How your Moustache can get you bullied at work

How your Moustache can get you bullied at work

Given the fact that the vast majority of stars, athletes and other public figures are clean shaven, it can lead to the perception of people with moustaches as undesirable. Think about the last time you saw a second-string bad guy on television or when you last saw a villain with a moustache and goatee. When the main adjectives that come to mind with regards to moustaches are “lazy,”

This is why the American Moustache Institute exists. This organization is developed for the advancement and protection of people who choose facial hair, and they offer you both tips about your own moustache as well as information. For example, according to the American Moustache Institute, the most moustache-friendly cities in the United States are Chicago, Illinois, Houston, Texas and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

If you are someone who loves your moustache, you need to think about how it affects your life. There is no law stating that you cannot wear your facial hair how you please, but there are a number of different factors to keep in mind. In some places, you may be refused unemployment simply because someone has distaste for moustaches. In another place, you may be asked to shave off your facial hair because of company policy, in place of the expense of speaking to an employment solicitor you may find it easier to reach out to the American Moustache Institute.

These are things that you need to think about when you are considering your facial hair and what you can do with it. At the end of the day, it is not important what other people think about your facial hair, only what you think about it.

Remember that you can make a much better impression with your facial hair if you keep it well-groomed. For example, make sure that you take pains to style it on a regular basis and to keep it trimmed. Making sure that it is neat and tidy will make you look a lot more professional than you would otherwise, and it can even be a mark of distinction.

Take a moment to think about what challenges might face you and your moustache when you are in the work place!

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  1. I am seven years old do I have a tiny moustache.

    • Paula, Strangely enough my moustache is seven years old. I real quick and easy way to check is to look in a mirror, you may need a chair or stool for this. If you do not have a mirror, try asking people if you have one. Good Luck! [After checking out your Facebook page, I’d say your rather over developed for a 7 year old…though I cannot tell by your photos, due to this rapid development you may in fact qualify for a moustache.]

  2. It’s a shame that insecure co-workers would so envy a nice ‘stache that they would direct hatred toward its owner. That’s why I have a mullet. It re-directs the negative energy.

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