ItsCalledWetShaving.Com All you need to know to start shaving like a man

ShaveMeetUp.Com (Looking for a shave meet up near you or maybe how to organize your own? This Page Is For You!) (Check out what Mantic 59’s got cooking up today in the wonderful world of traditional wet shaving!)  (Check out our good pal Mike over at Smart Beard!)

2004 Asian Moustache Olympics (curious aren’t you?)  ( A dating service for moustachioed fellas…for real!) 

Lord Likely’s Extra-Ordinary Inter-Active Moustache-O-Rama   (This could change your life…or not.)  A Gentleman’s Source for His Vintage Needs Moustache cursors for your blog, website, etc (because the world needs this) Visit Stu for all things fuzzy (A manblog after my own heart!) – A wonderful New Male Grooming Site…check ’em out!

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