Manly Pastimes: Five Hobbies that Get You Outside

Manly Pastimes: Five Hobbies that Get You Outside

When the weather permits, there is nothing like getting outside and taking up a manly hobby. Getting outside lets you get some sun and fresh air, while a hobby will help you build your interests and knowledge in a particular area. Here are five hobbies that will take you outside, and help you grow your manly appeal.


Manly Pastimes: Five Hobbies that Get You OutsideBuild Something

Whether it be something around your home needs some fixing up, or if you want to build a new set of bar stools for your man cave, building something is a great opportunity to get out the power tools, and dust off your skill Saw. When you work on something around the house, you aren’t just getting the momentary satisfaction of using your hands, you are also being productive and creating something that will be more aesthetically pleasing when it’s finished…plus solidifying you place as alpha male. 


Manly Pastimes: Five Hobbies that Get You OutsideWork On Your Car

Another option to work on something, and get your hands a little dirty is to open up the hood, and work on your car. Working on your car will also help you familiarize yourself with your vehicle, which could come in handy in the future, if it ever needs fixing. You can get equipment at H Kimber Friction to work on an oil change, or go for an even more detailed overhaul while working on your car.


Manly Pastimes: Five Hobbies that Get You OutsideHiking

If you want to get outdoors, but don’t want to get too involved in a task, consider heading up a mountain for some rock climbing, or hiking action. Not only are these activities a great chance to work out and be active, the views that you can see once you reach the summit are certainly worth the effort. Hiking is the perfect leisure activity if you are looking to get outside, and spend time doing something relaxing and enjoyable.


Manly Pastimes: Five Hobbies that Get You OutsideHunting

Consider taking a weekend trip to go hunting. Hunting is also more fun when you take along your buddies, so you can all take part in the activities. And if you hunt the right animal, you can use the meat to mix up some great eats, and take the skin or fur to a taxidermist to add some new looks to your home or office.


Manly Pastimes: Five Hobbies that Get You OutsidePlay A Sport

Sometimes getting outdoors and doing something manly is a spur of the moment decision and most of the things on this list might take a bit of planning. But if you are with your buds and you just want to get out and be active, head over to the park and shoot some hoops, or play a game of football. You could even join a league, if you had the time commitment. Either way, getting out and playing a sport will keep you active and healthy, while also making you get outdoors. [Tip: keep a frisbee, a ball, two mitts and a football in your trunk!] 


Being manly and getting out and enjoying the weather go hand-in-hand. Whether you decide to put your creative abilities to the test, or you want to improve a skill or sport, there is always an active way every man can pass the time. All it takes is discovering your passion and honing your abilities every chance you get. Now is the time to start moving outside and developing your manly hobbies!


Manly Pastimes: Five Hobbies that Take You OutsideBrooke Chaplan is a freelance writer and blogger and has been working in Los Lunas, NM after her graduation from the University of New Mexico. She loves to spend her time outdoors hiking, running and biking. Contact her via Twitter @BrookeChaplan.

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