Moustache & Blade – Episode 27: A Spotlight on Vintage Razors

wet shaving podcastThe Antique Road Show has got nothing on us here today in Episode 27 of Moustache & Blade!

GilletteThis week join Douglas Smythe as he meets up with Matt & Tiffany Pisarcik of the Razor Emporium in Phoenix at The Angel’s Trumpet Brew House and takes a trip into the past! Matt will be giving us a run down on a few vintage razors from his collection. We will be looking at history, worth and more. Also in this weeks show Douglas will be providing more tips while Ryan finally begins to deal with the influx of mail he has received. All this and more in Episode 27 of Moustache and Blade…Shave On!

Unboxing History with Matt!

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wet shaving podcast

a wet shaving podcast

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