Moustache & Blade – Episode 28: More Brews & Blade Talk With Douglas and Matt

History of GilletteWelcome back our Wet Shaving brethren to Episode 28 of The Moustache & Blade Podcast! 

In Episode 28 Matt Pisarcick and Douglas Smythe are again doing shop talk over good beer while at the same time exploring the history of vintage razors and the night life of Phoenix, Arizona! Matt once more brings some cherry picked beauties from his collection, housed at the Razor Emporium. Also, Douglas shares some more wet shaving insight and tips while Ryan answers letters! All this and more in this weeks show! Thanks for listening and Shave On!

Vintage ABC Gillettevintage gillette military kithow to restore a vintage strop, flex tan

Behold some of the most mesmerizing vintage razors still out there and available in “the wild”. Yes it’s true, you too could stumble upon one of these jewels the next time you stop at a random garage sale, antique shop in the middle of nowhere or even, if your lucky and Matt hasn’t gotten there first, at a flea market! For more information on all things vintage razor, please contact Matt or Tiffany over at the Razor Emporium or The Razor Archive!



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