Moustache & Blade Podcast Episode 10: Interview with Craig The Barber

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Greetings gents and welcome to Episode 10 of Moustache & Blade! Today’s show is jam packed with info, tips and more. Douglas will be checking out the Micro Touch One Safety Razor which seems to be piquing the curiosity of the mainstream and the suspicions of the wet shaving crowd. Then Mantic 59 pops in to give us his latest wet shaving tip and lastly, our feature, “on the scene” interview with Craig The Barber at his shop in Beverly Hills!

“Craig the Barber, CEO of the Grooming Concierge, and owner/editor-in-chief of, is the consummate source for the grooming needs of Hollywood’s most powerful men. His classic approach of straight razors and shears has earned him a strong following, and his expertise in the areas of skin, facial hair and grooming needs is unmatched. Craig has spent more than 10 years mastering the classic art of barbering and is proud to maintain its heritage, while adapting it to suit the modern styles enjoyed by today’s men.”

Moustache & Blade Podcast Episode 10:  Interview with Craig The Barber

If you would like to learn more about Craig’s upcoming “Men’s Room Moisture Rich Shave Cream” launch check out how you can get involved in making his dream a reality….and pre-order! Also, learn more about Craig by visiting or – Subscribe to Craig’s Youtube channel too and learn more great wet shaving and grooming tips at CraigTheBarber on Youtube!

Watch Craig breaking down how to give yourself “The Big Chill”

[vsw id=”SRwzn7ynsZg” source=”youtube” width=”525″ height=”444″ autoplay=”no”]


[vsw id=”T7LhmtjWYAw” source=”youtube” width=”525″ height=”444″ autoplay=”no”]

We would also like to thank Mantic 59 for contributing to today’s show and welcome him to the Moustache & Blade team! Please visit him at the Sharpologist

As promised here is a link to my article on Shower Shaving!

If you have any questions in regards to facial fur or wet shaving please leave it on our show voice mail and we will be sure to answer it for you and possibly air it on a future episode!


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  1. That’s a significant difference between the “Ryan Before” and the “Ryan After” photos. It’s kind of amazing how much of a difference a haircut can make. They always say the clothes make the man, but—the haircut’s got a lot to do with it, too!

    • Ryan Green says:

      MTB – thanks for the compliment. Craig’s a great guy, and gave me one of the best haircuts I’ve ever had (not to mention the singular experience of recording a podcast while doing it!). I’m actually planning on taking my dad back to see Craig to get a straight razor shave!


  1. […] Greetings gents and welcome to Episode 10 of Moustache & Blade! Today's show is jam packed with info, tips and more.  […]

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