Pool Table Etiquette – Some Proper Guidelines For Behaviour During Play

proper pool room etiquite

It’s fair to say that pool is somewhat of a casual game when most people play it. It is generally played in a pub or at someone’s home, during a social occasion while everyone is enjoying a pint of lager. It is a friendly game and although it is played competitively on some levels, for most people it is a laid back affair. However, that does not mean that there isn’t a certain amount of decorum and etiquette that should be observed during the game.

Having the right etiquette when playing the game means treating those you play against with respect. This means that the game will be a lot more convivial and they will want to play with you again next time. A boorish pool player often struggles to find someone who is willing to play a round with them.

Whether you are playing pool with relatives, friends or even those strangers you just met at the pub, here are some important etiquette tips that you can keep in mind in order to play more decorously.

Pool Table Etiquette - Some Proper Guidelines For Behaviour During PlayDon’t Walk in Front of Someone Lining Up a Shot

When someone is bending over the pool table and lining up a shot so that they can pocket the ball, try not to walk in front of them or do anything distracting in their line of vision. They are deep in concentration and trying to make the best shot they can, so it is in bad form to take away from their aim. 

Pool Table Etiquette - Some Proper Guidelines For Behaviour During Play

Never Place Your Drink on the Table

This is a huge pool faux-pas, so whether you are in a pub or someone’s house just don’t do it. With so many random shots and pool cues being waved about, it is inevitable that someone’s drink will get knocked over. If you get the felt of the pool table wet, this will halt the game and could even permanently damage the table. Also, if the drink falls on the floor someone could slip and there will be a great deal of hassle involved in cleaning it up.

Pool Table Etiquette - Some Proper Guidelines For Behaviour During Play

Stay Out of the Way

Be careful when standing around the table if it is not your turn. Someone might be attempting to line up a pool shot and you could be standing there chatting, totally oblivious to the fact that they need to stand where you are in order to hit the ball. Unless it is your turn, stay far away enough from the table so that you will not be an utter hazard.

Pool Table Etiquette - Some Proper Guidelines For Behaviour During Play

Don’t Leave Pool Cues out of Their Rack

When you have finished your shot or when the game is

Pool Table Etiquette threeover and you are leaving, don’t just leave your pool cue leaning up against the table. It will be very likely to fall over and clatter onto the floor, which is not only irritating to others but can also damage the pool cue. There should be a rack where the pool cues live, so make sure you return your stick to it when you are finished.

Also, it is very bad etiquette to lean on your pool cue or to rest it on your shoulders with your arms wrapped over it. Doing these sorts of things with the pool cue is what causes them to become warped and bent, which will render them much more difficult to play with.

These are just a few very important etiquette pointers that you should keep in mind when you are playing pool, so that you can be a more gent of a player when enjoying this glorious game.

Lucas Conner is a freelance writer and blogger. One of his favourite pastimes is having a few pints at his local pub with his friends and playing for hours on the pool tables.

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