Popular Beers From Around The World

Popular Beers From Around The World

It’s important to get a taste of culture, and what better way than, well, with beer. Countries usually take pride in their ale and lager, so lets take a little taste adventure and sample what beers the rest of the world has to offer!.

Popular Beers From Around The WorldTokyo

Japan may export mostly Asahi or Sapporo beer, but the lesser known Kirin is (depending on taste) one of the smoothest and best tasting beers around. It’s great for drinking in quantities, and goes down easily being a little drier than the others. But hey I won’t knock the other two; Asahi and Sapporo are also very delicious and worth a tilt.





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Two words, Stella Artois. The most common beer in London, mostly drunk in quantities and also referred to (in common lingo) under the unsavoury name of, ‘Wife Beater.’ It’s ok, but if you’re willing to drop an extra dime try Crouch Vale Brewers Gold Extra. It’s brewed in England and has won numerous awards; it tastes exquisite – something to be savored.





Popular Beers From  Around  The WorldBali

You have probably seen Bintang tank tops everywhere referring to the Balinese beer. Well aside from their merchandise and hype, it’s quite excellent. Brewed in Bali it comes in almost any size imaginable and is served almost everywhere. It completely overshadows the lesser, more flavorless Bali Hai and it’s sibling Bali Hai Draft beers, but I’d say it’s probably on par with Anker which is surprisingly delicious. Finally, Kuda Putih is perhaps even better than Bintang; smooth, full flavored and goes down easy.


Popular Beers From  Around  The WorldManila

Manila has some of the best, under-rated beer, this due in part to being unknown. Probably the most popular, though, is Manila Beer (I wonder why?). It contains a lot of malt, giving it a really firm taste, so stick to the light version if you’re looking for less calories. For an even stronger beer try Colt 45, with its strong taste it’s marketed as a ‘Man’s beer.’ Worth a try, and not just to show off. A lighter option is San Mig Light which goes down a lot smoother with an alcohol content of only 5%.


Popular Beers From  Around  The WorldFiji

The brew makers ‘Fiji’ offer several beers; Premium is typically hit or miss, it’s either really good, or terrible. Bitter is typically not a favourite to travelers, but I’ve found some locals absolutely love it (pride, maybe?). Then Fiji Gold is much better in my opinion, with a crystal clear gold pour and the smoothest taste; definitely worth a try. Outside of ‘Fiji’ brand beer is only really one contender, Vonu Pure Lager. It’s brewed with Fiji’s own tropical water, and goes down the hatch a treat, smooth as anything.



Popular Beers From  Around  The WorldAuckland

New Zealand’s beer is a little all over the place and mostly small-medium business. While Auckland is not in the South, Mac’s beer, pride of the South, is most commonly sold in Auckland. It’s pretty smooth yet strong, and easy to toss down in a row. Auckland more often sells DB Draught though, which is a good value for money and yet still offers the crisp and clean taste you’d expect from a more expensive beer.


Popular Beers From  Around  The WorldNew York

Check out Cigar City Hunahpu’s Imperial Stout.It’s crisp  and pristine liquid gold, a fantastic beer that is brewed in New York. Another to try is SouthHampton Imperial Russian Stout, a taste of city life: easy to down, tastes smooth and strong in one. More interestingly is Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout, it tastes kind of odd, and you’ll either love it or hate it. But either way it’s definitely worth a try.






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    I can vouch for the Brewers Gold ale, its made not far from me and it is one of my all time favourite beers and Kirin is good too. I like the look of manilla, may try to source that one.

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