Moustache & Blade Podcast- Ep 9: Interview with Mantic 59 Play in new window | Download | EmbedSubscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS  Welcome to the much anticipated episode 9 of Moustache & Blade! On today’s show Ryan and Douglas finally manage to catch up to everybody’s favorite shaving guru Mark Herro, Mantic 59. Listen as our hosts learn of Mark’s humble beginnings, how […]

Foolproof Outfit for Men: Casual Edition

  Boost Your Confidence by Looking Sharp   In 2006, Samuel L. Jackson appeared in Men’s Health Magazine to share his style secrets. Bet you didn’t see that coming, did you? This talented actor is not known for being stylish, but surprise, surprise, he is the king of cool as the magazine put it. He knows how […]

Fashion for Men: How to Determine your Style

Fashion for Men: How to Determine your Style Men have a different relationship with the concept of style than women do, and it’s fairly easy to see why. With women, there are thousands of diverse fashion choices. Dressing a certain way comes naturally; fashion and trends are things that are discussed with friends and family. […]

Guys, Open Your Eyes & Accessorize: Men’s Fall Fashion 2013

Fellas, If you are not already, you should be utilizing accessories. Before you get your moustache in a twist, allow me to explain a little. Accessory doesn’t actually mean what you think it may mean.  Don’t believe me? Here’s the definition:  a thing that can be added to something else in order to make it more useful, […]

Suited Up for Fall 2013: Men’s Fashion Report

As the song goes, “Every girls crazy ’bout a sharp dressed man”. What better ensemble than a men’s suit for the job, to create a clean, polished look that demands the attention, respect and admiration of everyone. This fall 2013, the traditional suit is evolving into a wardrobe staple for all occasions. Every man needs […]

KEEP THE CUFF: Men’s Fall Fashion 2013

Although the summer has come to an end, one of the very popular warm weather trends hasn’t, The Cuff. A timeless detail that can elevate the style of any outfit, if done right of course. An upward cuff looks good with any pair of pants a man chooses to wear, well most of them any […]

A Kickstarter Campaign To Really Get Behind!

  HUTC are always looking for ‘off kilter’ fun projects. We’ve covered the World Beard & Moustache Championships in the past for news media outlets and are passionate about bringing this event to a much wider audience. Our production team have finally persuaded“Atters” Attree to allow our cameras and crew to follow him as he gives us his […]

Synergy Shaving Soap Launched On How To Grow A Moustache

UPDATE: Synergy is Now Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements PRESS RELEASE AMHERST, MA – The innovative “Man Blog” is the brand building answer to all things grooming for gentleman focused on keeping their appearance, including their coveted moustache, top shelf spiffy.  Taking moustache convenience one step further the insightful and entertaining blog creators have just launched their […]

Prost and Problems: How I Nearly Botched the 2013 Germanfest Beard Competition

  It’s the middle of the afternoon on a hot August day. I am overdressed, but that’s not why I’m sweating. In two short hours, I take the stage to host the inaugural Germanfest Picnic Facial Hair Contest, and as of this moment I have no contestants, no judges, no prizes, no way to get […]

Biology of a Hangover and the Cure

So you spent a few too many hours bellied up to the bar last night downing beer and tequila shots until the wee hours of the morning. And now here you are, your tongue stuck to the roof of your mouth and your head pounding out a tune that Metallica would consider heavy metal. Ah, […]

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