Kick Boxing Spectacle in Thailand

Drumbeats and screeching horns heralded the fighters into the ring in Chiang Mai, Thailand. They bowed to the audience and prayed in their corners, then they went through a series of moves; part warm ups and stretches, part strutting intimidations and part dance. They met in the middle, bowing a wai to each other, and […]

Things to do in Larcomar, Lima – Peru

Built into a cliff along the Malecon de la Reserva, Larcomar is an upmarket shopping centre and entertainment complex located in Miraflores, one of the busiest and most affluent districts in the capital of Peru, Lima.   Shopping The main function of Larcomar is as a center of commerce so it is fitting that there […]

White Water Rafting in Lunahuana

Lunahuana is only a few hours south of Lima, but it’s so green and gorgeous, it’s like you’re in a completely different part of the country. The clean air hits you as soon as you step off the bus. It’s a small town, the main street is full of bars, restaurants, places to stay and lots and […]

Adventure Travel In Bolivia

Bolivia is a country that seems to have been created for adventure travel. With mountains, salt flats, deserts and jungle, it is just begging to be experienced. Here are my 5 favourite travel adventures in Bolivia.   Otherworldly landscapes – on a 3 or 4 day tour from Uyuni, a outback style jeep will bounce you across […]

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