5 Manly Things That Go With Facial Hair

For the better part of history, real men had beards. Apart from the silkier cultures, where men were widely respected there were whiskers on well-chiseled visages, even if only sported as a moustache. Historically, where you found facial hair, you also found at least some of these five manly attributes to go with it. Cigars – […]

Popular Beers From Around The World

It’s important to get a taste of culture, and what better way than, well, with beer. Countries usually take pride in their ale and lager, so lets take a little taste adventure and sample what beers the rest of the world has to offer!. Tokyo Japan may export mostly Asahi or Sapporo beer, but the lesser […]

A Beer Lover’s Guide To Newcastle

The Newcastle Beer and Cider Festival The Annual Newcastle Beer & Wine Festival has being going strong for 37 years and attracts a loyal fan base. 2013’s event showcased over 130 ales in 1/3 pints from the best breweries across the land. The list was an eclectic one compiled by local cask beer expert, CAMRA […]

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