Cheroot Smoking Grannies – One More Reason to Visit Myanmar

While in the West, the image of a woman smoking a cigar may conjure up images of the Wild Wild West or other types of women living on the frontier, this is not the case in all the world. In Myanmar, or Burma, for example, it is quite common, at least in some areas, to see […]

Teeth Whitening Tips For Guys Who Love Their Coffee and Cigars

  Are you a guy who just loves his coffee and cigars? You probably already know that these items stain your teeth- but since I work in the dental field, my conscience wouldn’t let me rest if I didn’t mention it. It’s true though- but the tooth-staining properties of coffee and cigars shouldn’t make you […]

5 Manly Things That Go With Facial Hair

For the better part of history, real men had beards. Apart from the silkier cultures, where men were widely respected there were whiskers on well-chiseled visages, even if only sported as a moustache. Historically, where you found facial hair, you also found at least some of these five manly attributes to go with it. Cigars – […]

How To Maintain Your Cigars

If you are new to the hobby or have counted it among your favorite things to do for years, there is one bane to the cigar smoker’s enjoyment, namely properly maintaining your cigars. Whether you choose to use a cigar humidor or not, there are proper ways to store and care for your stogies that […]

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