4 Adrenaline Filled Activities That You Can Take Your Lady On

Adrenaline Filled Activities That You Can Take Your Lady to Even though it may be true that some of the extreme sports are dominated by men, it wouldn’t be fair to say that women don’t find them interesting as well. Take me for example, I’ve been on numerous trips with my husband, and there was […]

Extreme Sports Venues in Myanmar

Myanmar Geography Offers Many Extreme Sports Venues   With its decision to rejoin the community of nations, Myanmar made a daredevil leap to the front pages of the world. This is good news for extreme sports enthusiasts. Myanmar’s dramatic landscape offers athletes some exciting venues that have been pretty much off limits till now.   Heli-skiing is a sport […]

The Thrill Seeker’s Bucket List: 10 Thrilling Things To Do Around The World

We all have our own bucket lists: the list of things that we want to do before we die. For some of us the items on our lists are more laid back, like visiting Europe, getting a tattoo, or visiting all of the state capitals in the U.S. – But for some of us, the […]

Handy Map of Essaouira For Extreme Sport Lovers

  If you’re thinking of heading to Essaouira in Morocco for an action-packed holiday to remember, don’t leave home without packing this handy map, produced in collaboration with Explora. The colourful map highlights where you can find the hottest spots to surf, windsurf and kitesurf in Essaouira, as well as a football field and basketball […]

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