How to Make Bay Rum Butter – Soothing & Moisturizing Aftershave Alternative

[pullquote]Bay Rum Butter, Just in time for Summer”[/pullquote] Everybody loves the classic scent of Bay Rum, however the sting and agitation associated with most traditional alcohol based aftershaves can leave you crying for mommy and only add to the disdain most men already feel towards shaving. Well, we here at How to Grow a Moustache […]

What is a Horseshoe Moustache?

The HorseshoeA thick moustache with South growing extensions beginning under the nose and running past the corners of the lips, dropping down the sides of the mouth and along the jawline, in the shape of a…well, a horseshoe.  Often this is mistakenly referred to as the “fu manchu”.  Hulk Hogan made this famous or infamous depending on […]

What is a Viking Moustache?

The Viking Moustache This moustache begins on the upper lip where the whiskers are grown very long as to extend down each side of the mouth. It must be trained by parting the stache and combing from the center out past the lips.  After a couple of months’ worth of growth you can begin braiding […]

What is the Bullet Heads Moustache?

Bullet Heads This is a neatly trimmed long whiskered moustache that is parted in the middle. The ends are curled into themselves with the aid of wax and formed into the shape of rounded…well, bullet heads. Clever name, no? This style was popular with barbershop quartets that wanted to standout when all the other groups were […]

What is The Mistletoe Moustache? (aka: The Guy Fawkes)

The Mistletoe (aka: The Guy Fawkes) This particular style consists of two narrow, crescent shaped inverted wings. Imagine if a crayon drawn seagull glued itself to your upper lip while you were standing on your head, and that is what this stache looks like. In fact, when asked about this particular “conversation piece” tell the […]

What is the Major Moustache?

The Major Moustache (aka: The Double Boxcar) For years I have been told that I have a “major moustache” so imagine my surprise when I discovered this is actually a particular style…I just thought people where complimenting me, not mis-identifying another stache in the wild. This is a close, combed moustache comprised of two rectangular […]

How to Grow a Moustache Feature Interview with Leisureguy Michael Ham

[Be sure to check out our podcast interview w/ Michael Ham too!] This week at How to Grow a Moustache we are finally getting to chat with Leisureguy Michael Ham. When it comes to wet shaving proper, Michael Ham practically wrote the book on it…oh wait, he did! In this interview Michael Breaks down many […]

How to Grow a Moustache Feature Interview with The Suitcase Junket

How to Grow a Moustache Feature Interview with The Suitcase Junket For this Weekend Feature Interview we will be visiting Amherst, Massachusetts. Amherst, home to the likes of Robert Frost, Emily Dickinson and…Matt Lorenz: The Suitcase Junket. To try and describe what Matt creates in words one can only fail, but let me try in […]

4 Greatest Superhero Mustaches

4 Greatest Superhero Mustaches   I’ve been a huge comic book fan since I was a young whippersnapper. When I was 5 I ran around the house proclaiming that I was going to marry Vicki Vale after the first Batman movie came out. I love the fact that comic-book movies are becoming increasingly popular. Recently […]

Exclusive Feature Interview With The Nomad Barber Miguel Gutierrez

  This June 12th superstar barber Miguel Gutierrez will set out on a barbering adventure across five continents, armed with only a backpack, his trusty shears, and a cameraman. His goal: survive by his mere trade alone for a year, traveling wherever the road and his scissors may take him. He will be studying and […]

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