Accessorize Right: Ideas for Both Men’s Casual and Formal Looks

Accessories can be fun and add a dash of energy to an outfit that helps to bring out a sense of flair, style, and personality. When we think of accessories we usually think of women’s fashions, from belts and shoes to necklaces, but, really, accessories are a great way to help men to express some […]

Matching Your Facial Fur To Your Look

In conventional social spheres, urbane fashion foments distinguished facial hair presentations. This guide demonstrates four clever ways that clothing can be used to embolden a bushy beard, masterful moustache or glorious goatee.   Add Cranial Accessories   The simplest way to cunningly accent a beard is by bolstering its bravado with an impressive headpiece. Bring […]

The Evolution Of Rude Boy Culture

You’ve probably heard the term ‘rude boy’ brandished around quite a bit. In modern society the rude boy wears a tracksuit, a flat peak cap and listens to dirty stinking Grime music. However, there was a time when a rude boy wouldn’t be seen dead in a tracksuit. The original rude boy inhabited a smart […]

Reasons Why Every Man Should Own At Least One Suit

[pullquote]I always buy expensive suits. They just look cheap on me. –Warren Buffett[/pullquote] When you absolutely have to dress to impress, there is no better option than a well-tailored suit. Even the most unkempt and fashionably ignorant man can dramatically increase his appearance simply by slipping one on. Sure you want the right tie, shoes, […]

Can You Pull Off ‘The Lone Ranger’ Look?

When the original Lone Ranger made his television debut in 1949, his white hat and red neckerchief made him a style icon for a generation of kids. With the series reboot starring Armie Hammer as the eponymous hero and Johnny Depp as Tonto, the masked man’s style has also gotten a makeover. While he still […]

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