Renaissance Man: Five Domestic Skills That Every Man Should Know

While most men might consider themselves to be independent, they’re probably lacking certain domestic skills. In order to be considered a true renaissance man around the home, there are 5 domestic skills that every adult male should possess. As trivial as they may seem, they all help to define true independence. Cooking Outside The Box […]

4 Male Traits Women Find Sexy

Being single isn’t always easy. Even those of us who seem at their most comfortable when they’re on a first date, or trying to woo someone in a social setting, would concede – if you pressed them – that knowing what a prospective girlfriend or boyfriend wants in a partner can be difficult to determine. […]

How a Manly Man Helps Around the House

Congrats, you did it — you grew a moustache! Now you’re a manly man. You are ready to kill two stones with one bird. You are ready to bowl overhand. However, having a handsome new facial style doesn’t mean you can forgo your responsibilities around the house.  As the mustachioed king of your castle, it is important to perform these five […]

First Date: Six Tips on Dressing to Impress

  You’re going on your first date with someone you may have previously hit it off with–or maybe you’re meeting the person for the first time. Whether your date has seen you before or not, you’ll want to dress in a way that impresses your date and makes you especially attractive and confident. It’s true, […]

Real Men Stay In Lodges

It’s always in a man’s best interests to get outside and explore what nature has to offer. In the past that would have involved spending a night in a tent with a sleeping bag, guaranteeing a horrible night’s sleep. Nowadays though a man needs to feel like the master of his own domain. Forget a […]

Extreme Sports Venues in Myanmar

Myanmar Geography Offers Many Extreme Sports Venues   With its decision to rejoin the community of nations, Myanmar made a daredevil leap to the front pages of the world. This is good news for extreme sports enthusiasts. Myanmar’s dramatic landscape offers athletes some exciting venues that have been pretty much off limits till now.   Heli-skiing is a sport […]

Can a Mustache Make You Look Skinny?

Can a Mustache Actually Make You Look Skinny? In short, yes. Yes it can. If you are one of the thousands of men who can, in fact, sprout a brier patch from your face, then you are already on your way to becoming a more visually interesting person. Having a sculpted bit of facial hair […]

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