What is Movember?

  November, a time for turkey, pilgrims, maize, football, parades and moustaches. Moustaches? Absolutely, and we are not talking about the stache worn by crazy, manboy uncle Steve at Thanksgiving Dinner. We speak of cultivating your own flavor savor and using it for something good and honorable…like creating awareness around men’s health issues and collecting […]

What is Mustache May?

What is Mustache May? Congrats, you made it through Moustache March and Movember 2012 just before that! You’ve become a regular “stache trooper” itching for more. “What’s next?” You ask. Well, Mustache May of course. Oh yes, you have heard of this one…kinda.   It seems everyone knows a different Mustache/Moustache May. If Moustache May […]

What is Moustache March?

    Moustache March 2014 Movember has come and gone and we get it!  Most of us were down for the cause and in solidarity we grew what at first seemed merely like an ironic little flavor savor reminiscent of something worn in the 70’s or 80’s…but then something magical happened.  A symbiotic connection was made between […]

How to Make Bay Rum Butter – Soothing & Moisturizing Aftershave Alternative

[pullquote]Bay Rum Butter, Just in time for Summer”[/pullquote] Everybody loves the classic scent of Bay Rum, however the sting and agitation associated with most traditional alcohol based aftershaves can leave you crying for mommy and only add to the disdain most men already feel towards shaving. Well, we here at How to Grow a Moustache […]

55 Slang Words For Moustache

TIPS FOR RAISING MORE MONEY THIS MOVEMBER – CLICK HERE  Best Friend     Bristle Batons     Bro-merang      Bro-mo     Bro-stache     Caterpillar      Cookie Duster     Crumb Catcher     Crustache         Dirt Squirrel     Double Hamster     Face Fitting Face Lace     Face Furniture     Facial Fur   […]

Top 10 most unusual facts about moustaches

Top 10 most unusual facts about moustaches  The moustache is a style of facial hair grown to various lengths, groomed or left to roam wild, depending on various preferences and mostly sported by men. It has for centuries, been a symbol of everything from power, madness, masculinity and of course the ultimate fashion statement; depending […]

A Tale of Green and Frugal Shaving

     When I met my boyfriend, he was 34 years old. A man that age is set into habits, and he is a particular creature of routine. So, when I shopped, I would dutifully pick up his cartridges, and he would use the same handle. They were expensive! Usually, I’d pick whatever was on […]

Moustache Terminology

 Live it, Love it…Grow It! [also check out “55 Slang Words for Moustache“]    Battle Mustache A mustache designed for war; also mustaches grown in anticipation of war. (War’stache vulg.)   Barelipped A poor unfortunate who does not or cannot have a mustache; depending on context this is a term of derision or pity.   Beard-fancy […]

How to Grow a Moustache Feature Interview with Evan Hadfield

We are so very thrilled to have Evan Hadfield here with us today! Evan’s dad, Col. Chris Hadfield, has become a household name, but what a lot of folks don’t realize is his son Evan was “ground control.” While his father was in space, Evan was manning the whole social network end of the mission […]

How to Load a Vintage Schick Injector Razor

So you picked up a vintage Schick and have no idea how to load it with a blade. You may have even tinkered around with it and opened up the hook lock. Frustrating, isn’t it? Well you’re in good hands now! You can easily find a “Schick Injector” blade magazine online for about 5 dollars […]

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