2015 HTGAM Movember Challenge

Welcome! This is part of the HTGAM Movember teams’ fundraising campaign where those who accept the challenge can pour a bucket of bloom water on their head and/or lather their entire head, and/or donate $10 to either HTGAM Movember team: MovemberTeamHTGAM.com (US) and HTGAM-Eh-Team.com (Canada). The kickoff videos from the American and the Canadian HTGAM Movember […]

5 Best Phone Apps For A Better Night’s Sleep

Gone are the days when you used to keep tossing and turning due to a lack of sleep. With the technology and resources today, good sleep is not hard to come by.    With that said, good sleep is very important to good health. When your mind and body are in perfect balance with each […]

Invasion Of The Jellyfish

I have been a frequent traveller since I was a small child and have always enjoyed a dip in the sea but it wasn’t until 2011 that I had my first unfortunate encounter with a jellyfish. I had found a beautiful cove in Southern Italy and took to the water without a second thought only […]

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