Coloring Your Beard or Moustache:Time To Dye-Pt 1

  Ahh, sweet vanity, how we all at some level, succumb to thee. I love my facial hair and I am assuming you do as well since you are reading this article…that is, your own facial hair and not mine. Unless this is Troy – If this is Troy, BACK OFF ALREADY! Is a restraining […]

Coloring Your Beard Or Moustache: Dye Like A Man Part 3

(read part 1 here) (read part 2 here) First off, what the hell was I thinking using chemical dyes anyway? This goes against my entire character/lifestyle. How did this twisted obsession even begin? Why is it God seems to want to do a whirling dervish on two left feet when you just want to Cha Cha? I […]

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