What Girls Really Think of a Guy with a Moustache

  The humble moustache has been a symbol of manliness since the dawn of time, but in the latter half of this century, some girls have been starting to avoid moustached men, whereas others covet that Victorian gentleman look. Of course there are so many different types of moustaches that every single style divides opinion […]

What is a Horseshoe Moustache?

The HorseshoeA thick moustache with South growing extensions beginning under the nose and running past the corners of the lips, dropping down the sides of the mouth and along the jawline, in the shape of a…well, a horseshoe.  Often this is mistakenly referred to as the “fu manchu”.  Hulk Hogan made this famous or infamous depending on […]

5 Moustache Styles You May Not Have Heard Of

5 Moustache Styles You May Not Have Heard Of – 2013 Has part of you been yearning to grow a moustache but didn’t want to get caught up in the current hype?  Maybe it’s the mental image you have of the classic moustache that’s stopping you; Burt Reynolds, Tom Selleck, and all the rest from […]

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