How To Make Shims For DE Safety Razor (Using Multiple Material)

  Sometimes we get a razor, be it vintage or modern that really is up to snuff on our faces. It can be a tad depressing, especially if it was a “Holy Grail” razor that you have been chasing for awhile. We I am here to tell you that all hope is not lost! If […]

Everyday Pranks To Play On Your Kids (To Build Character)

A world that tends to take itself far too seriously for its own good all too often forces us to do the same. Humor is a very important tool for blowing off steam, releasing tension, good for the soul and healthy for the body. The sooner you can access your humor nerve, the easier it […]

Manly Pastimes: Five Hobbies that Get You Outside

When the weather permits, there is nothing like getting outside and taking up a manly hobby. Getting outside lets you get some sun and fresh air, while a hobby will help you build your interests and knowledge in a particular area. Here are five hobbies that will take you outside, and help you grow your […]

Popping The Question – 5 Romantic Ways To Get Her To Say Yes

Just thinking about it can get your heart beating faster and make your brow perspire. You know she’s the one and you know you’re about to ask the biggest question of your life. When it comes to proposals, everyone wants to make it perfect. This is a moment that the two of you will remember […]

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