Mo Myths & Facts about Growing a Mustache

Forget Christmas; Movember is the mustachioed man’s favorite time of the year and it’s on! Men all over the world, from Hong Kong to the U.S., Australia to Spain, began growing and grooming their best ‘stache for a month in order to raise much-needed money for prostate cancer research. We’re huge fans of mustaches, no matter what […]

7 Reasons to Visit Cambodia

 Tucked away between Vietnam to the East and Thailand to the west, is Cambodia – aka “the Kingdom of Wonder” – an over-looked destination for those trotting around Southeast Asia. So why should you deviate from the usual trek and visit the Kingdom? After 15 months of living here, the perks are obvious.  1.      Food is cheap. A decent […]

4 Male Traits Women Find Sexy

Being single isn’t always easy. Even those of us who seem at their most comfortable when they’re on a first date, or trying to woo someone in a social setting, would concede – if you pressed them – that knowing what a prospective girlfriend or boyfriend wants in a partner can be difficult to determine. […]

White Water Rafting in Lunahuana

Lunahuana is only a few hours south of Lima, but it’s so green and gorgeous, it’s like you’re in a completely different part of the country. The clean air hits you as soon as you step off the bus. It’s a small town, the main street is full of bars, restaurants, places to stay and lots and […]

Take A Brew-Vacation: Beer Festivals Around The World

We’re all agreed, nothing looks better with a moustache than a foaming pint of beer. From blonde lagers to malty ales, whatever gets your beer buds turned on, you’re guaranteed to find a quality brew to match your taste (and moustache) in any of the following cities: Prague The locals of the Czech Republic capital, […]

Travelling With Your Dog

Since the introduction of the pet passport it has been possible to travel on holiday with your dog if your destination is within the EU or is an approved country. Kennelling a dog whilst you are away can be very costly and many animals experience trauma as a result of the separation and so taking […]

How a Manly Man Helps Around the House

Congrats, you did it — you grew a moustache! Now you’re a manly man. You are ready to kill two stones with one bird. You are ready to bowl overhand. However, having a handsome new facial style doesn’t mean you can forgo your responsibilities around the house.  As the mustachioed king of your castle, it is important to perform these five […]

Surprise Her With the Question of a Lifetime: 5 Different Setting Ideas

So you’ve met the woman of your dreams and you can’t imagine spending any more days with anyone else. First of all, congratulations! Now, it’s time to decide how you’ll pop the question. But you don’t want to be just another proposal that puts the ring at the bottle of Champagne glass (try inside a pink […]

Turning Your Garage into a Man Cave

Your garage is an important part of your home, protecting your belongings and car not only from the outside elements, but from potential thieves as well. Besides these essential functions, your garage can become so much more. Every guys dream is to take the garage and make it into something of their own. Any guy […]

Best Things To Do In Boston

So you want to know what to do when you touch down in Boston? With plenty of history, sport and culture to choose from, you won’t be short of things to do. Boston was the site of the famous Boston Tea Party – a revolt against taxes imposed by the British on the colonies. There’s […]

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