Manly Pastimes: Five Hobbies that Get You Outside

When the weather permits, there is nothing like getting outside and taking up a manly hobby. Getting outside lets you get some sun and fresh air, while a hobby will help you build your interests and knowledge in a particular area. Here are five hobbies that will take you outside, and help you grow your […]

Turning Your Garage into a Man Cave

Your garage is an important part of your home, protecting your belongings and car not only from the outside elements, but from potential thieves as well. Besides these essential functions, your garage can become so much more. Every guys dream is to take the garage and make it into something of their own. Any guy […]

Beyond the Bachelor Pad: Incorporating Masculine Design

You are about to move in with your girlfriend. It’s an exciting time, a natural progression, and one you’ve been looking forward to. A new home with the opportunity to create the living space you’ve both been dreaming of. But, alas, the age old battle commences – Girls vs. Boys – or, in the design world, Masculine […]

Steps To Creating The Ultimate Man Cave

Most people have the wrong opinion about a man cave. They imagine a room in the garage with tools hanging on the wall and grease on the floor.  However, the ultimate masculine space is much, much more than a place to store wrenches. Instead, it should include just as much thought into the design and […]

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